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Make sure that we do not follow any symbolic links within the home
directory of a user. If such a link exists, it must have been
created by someone else. Never follow them and just fail.

Signed-off-by: Tobias Stoeckmann <>

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Thanks for downloading Linux-PAM.


How to use it is as follows:

Please look at the ci/ for the necessary
prerequisite packages to be able to build the Linux-PAM. The script
is targeted at Debian based Linux distributions so the package
names and availability might differ on other distributions.

If you check out the sources from git, install Autotools and generate
configuration scripts, ensuring you have the minimum packages installed,
the ci scripts may help here:


Then compile:

      ./configure --help | less
      ./configure <your-options>

To make sure everything was compiled correct, run:

      make check

If a test fails, you should not continue to install this build.
These tests require a suitable file /etc/pam.d/other; if necessary,
create such a file containing, e.g., these five lines (not indented)

	auth	 required
	account	 required
	password required
	session	 required

Note, if you are worried - don't even think about doing the next line
(most Linux distributions already support PAM out of the box, so if
something goes wrong with installing the code from this version your
box may stop working..)

      make install

That said, please report problems to the bug reporting database
at .

You can run additional checks after installing by executing

      make xtests

as root.

WARNING: Running "make xtests" can overwrite configuration data
or make the system insecure/unfunctional for a short time!
Backup all important data before!

To regenerate manual pages from the XML source files you need the
docbook-xsl stylesheets in version 1.69.1 or newer, older versions had
a bug which generates a broken layout.