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RDMA Core Userspace Libraries and Daemons

This is the userspace components for the Linux Kernel's drivers/infiniband subsystem. Specifically this contains the userspace libraries for the following device nodes:

  • /dev/infiniband/uverbsX (libibverbs)
  • /dev/infiniband/rdma_cm (librdmacm)
  • /dev/infiniband/umadX (libibumad)

The userspace component of the libibverbs RDMA kernel drivers are included under the providers/ directory. Support for the following Kernel RDMA drivers is included:

  • efa.ko
  • iw_cxgb4.ko
  • hfi1.ko
  • hns-roce.ko
  • irdma.ko
  • ib_qib.ko
  • mlx4_ib.ko
  • mlx5_ib.ko
  • ib_mthca.ko
  • ocrdma.ko
  • qedr.ko
  • rdma_rxe.ko
  • siw.ko
  • vmw_pvrdma.ko

Additional service daemons are provided for:

  • srp_daemon (ib_srp.ko)
  • iwpmd (for iwarp kernel providers)
  • ibacm (for InfiniBand communication management assistant)


This project uses a cmake based build system. Quick start:

$ bash

build/bin will contain the sample programs and build/lib will contain the shared libraries. The build is configured to run all the programs 'in-place' and cannot be installed.

Debian Derived

$ apt-get install build-essential cmake gcc libudev-dev libnl-3-dev libnl-route-3-dev ninja-build pkg-config valgrind python3-dev cython3 python3-docutils pandoc

Supported releases:

  • Debian 9 (stretch) or newer
  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (xenial) or newer

Fedora, CentOS 8

$ dnf builddep redhat/rdma-core.spec

NOTE: Fedora Core uses the name 'ninja-build' for the 'ninja' command.


$ zypper install cmake gcc libnl3-devel libudev-devel ninja pkg-config valgrind-devel python3-devel python3-Cython python3-docutils pandoc

Building on CentOS 6/7, Amazon Linux 1/2

Install required packages:

$ yum install cmake gcc libnl3-devel libudev-devel make pkgconfig valgrind-devel

Developers on CentOS 7 or Amazon Linux 2 are suggested to install more modern tooling for the best experience.

CentOS 7:

$ yum install epel-release
$ yum install cmake3 ninja-build pandoc

Amazon Linux 2:

$ amazon-linux-extras install epel
$ yum install cmake3 ninja-build pandoc

NOTE: EPEL uses the name 'ninja-build' for the 'ninja' command, and 'cmake3' for the 'cmake' command.


To set up software RDMA on an existing interface with either of the available drivers, use the following commands, substituting <DRIVER> with the name of the driver of your choice (rdma_rxe or siw) and <TYPE> with the type corresponding to the driver (rxe or siw).

# modprobe <DRIVER>
# rdma link add <NAME> type <TYPE> netdev <DEVICE>

Please note that you need version of iproute2 recent enough is required for the command above to work.

You can use either ibv_devices or rdma link to verify that the device was successfully added.

Reporting bugs

Bugs should be reported to the mailing list In your bug report, please include:

  • Information about your system:

    • Linux distribution and version
    • Linux kernel and version
    • InfiniBand hardware and firmware version
    • ... any other relevant information
  • How to reproduce the bug.

  • If the bug is a crash, the exact output printed out when the crash occurred, including any kernel messages produced.

Submitting patches

See Contributing to rdma-core.