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Control panel of Deepin Desktop Environment.
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DDE Control Center

DDE Control Center is the control panel of Deepin Desktop Environment.


Build dependencies

  • pkg-config
  • cmake
  • Qt5(>= 5.6) with modules:
    • qt5-default
    • qt5declarative5-dev
    • qt5svg5-dev
    • qttools5-dev-tools
    • qtdeclarative5-dev
  • Deepin-tool-kit(>=2.0) with modules:
    • dtkcore-dev
    • dtkwidget-dev
    • dtkcore-bin
  • geoip-dev
  • dde-qt-dbus-factory
  • gsettings-qt-dev
  • dde-network-utils-dev
  • kf5networkmanagerqt-dev
  • xrandr-dev
  • mtdev-dev
  • fontconfig1-dev
  • freetype6-dev
  • egl1-mesa-dev
  • xcb-ewmh-dev

Runtime dependencies


Build from source code

  1. Make sure you have installed all dependencies.

  2. Build:

$ cd dde-control-center
$ mkdir Build
$ cd Build
$ cmake ..
$ make
  1. Install:
$ sudo make install

The executable binary file could be found at /usr/bin/dde-control-center after the installation is finished, and plugins will be placed into /usr/lib/dde-control-center/modules/.


Execute dde-control-center -h to get more details.

Getting help

You can press F1 to start deepin-manual when you focus on DDE Control Center window.

You may also find these channels useful if you encounter any other issues:

Getting involved

We encourage you to report issues and contribute changes


DDE Control Center is licensed under GPLv3.

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