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Wiki Style


  1. All the document formats that supported by Github is allowed, such as Markdown and Org. But the pages that should be edited by others should be wrote by Markdown, such as Home and Categories
  2. The new added Wiki page should be reviewed by the administrator, and the uncompleted one will be placed under **Drafts** category in
  3. Use Chinese as the default language in document, but the file name should always are English, the first character should be capitalize, and dashes(-) are necessary between words. If is a translated page, just append the abbreviation of the language to as a suffix for the original file name, such as
  4. The style of paragraph title should begin from H2, and keep an empty line after it.
  5. Generally, for a trademark that begin with a lowercase letter, just always capitalize it in the document[1]. So we should use Deepin instead of deepin
  6. Please don’t insert links that could not be accessed by others, such as the tower pages
  7. Some abbreviations should be type as general rules, such as
    • JSON
    • DBus
    • PPPoE

[1] Trademarks#Trademarks_that_begin_with_a_lowercase_letter

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