Font corruption after resume from suspend/hibernate #1310

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On my Dell Precission 4700, when I resume from suspend or hibernate, I get corrupted fonts in cinnamon.
See picture here:

This does not happen in pure Gnome.

Reloading Cinnamon solves the problem.


I see that sometimes as well.


I have it every time.

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Sorry, I accidentaly closed it.


confirmed, also happens to gtk windows and/or title bars. Need to log out and back in that case.


Still not fixed?


Fixed now, havent happened since 1.7.3


1.7.3 of cinnamon/mutter. This works fine in 1.8 as I haven't encountered it again since. (Im on maya)


Please let us know if you can reproduce the issue in Cinnamon 1.8 or later.

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@surruk51 You'll have to get it from the ppa or build the one from githubs master branch of get the one from mint's romeo repo.


Can this bug be re-opened, using the latest from PPA on Ubunty 13.04 it happens to me on almost every resume.


I can confirm that the issue still happens on Cinnamon 1.8.8... Not all the time, but often.


This is still happens on the latest Cinnamon making it quite useless when sent to sleep that I will have to be looking for another DE.

Why has this not been looked into?


It does not happen on my machine anymore.


mint_17_suspend_graphics_and_font_corruption png
Still getting this on Mint 17.2, Cinnamon 2.6.13+rafaela and restarting Cinnamon with alt-f2, r doesn't help.
Intel drivers, in case that matters, but I believe it did the same with the NVidia drivers.

The corruption is even visible in the login screen after resuming. See attached image.

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