Sound applet volume tooltip doesn't disappear after mouse pointer moves away (Video included) #1833

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Lodorand commented Apr 2, 2013


When you mouse over the sound applet a volume tooltip shows up. When the mouse moves away, the tooltip is supposed to disappear. Most of the time it works correctly, however there is one case when the tooltip fails to disappear after the mouse has moved away, and that's after using the scroll wheel over the applet to change the volume. Here's how to reproduce:

  1. Place mouse pointer over the sound applet, do not click.
  2. Scroll the pointer while it's above the applet to change the volume.
  3. Quickly move the mouse pointer away, right after you're done scrolling.

Expected behaviour: The tooltip should disappear.
Actual behaviour: The tooltip remains until the mouse is hovered over the applet again.

This bug has been in Cinnamon ever since I started using it a year ago. And since this is by far the most used and convenient way for me to change the volume, I find myself facing it on a daily basis. Would be great if devs can find time to fix it. Thanks!


This also happens if a contexual menu pops open whilst the tooltip is still there, so scroll the volume then hit the windows key (if you have one) to open cinnamon main menu and the volume tooltip remains permanently


First I would like to say thanks. Did not know you could change the volume that way. Very convenient. I don't experience the problem shown by Lodorand. I can reproduce the one from imarkskinner though.

Lodorand commented Apr 4, 2013

It's a little tricky to reproduce and doesn't always happen. Try to change the focus before attempting it, clicking on the window list on the panel. As for the bug reported by @imarkskinner I was able to reproduce it as well.

dalcde commented Apr 4, 2013

The bug is not limited to the sound applet. Happens to all tooltips


I think we have 2 different bugs here. The first is that mentioned by @Lodorand . It seems to be caused by setting the volume (I was able to reproduce by setting the volume via keyboard while moving the mouse away). The other is the one mentioned by @imarkskinner , which seems to be caused by the popupMenu intercepting all mouse events (which means that the leave event never fires on the item to which the tooltip is attached). I have no idea how to fix either one, but as it is a simple matter to re-mouse-over the tooltip-ed item, causing the tooltip to re-hide itself, I doubt either will get much attention from the devs.

jomo commented Jul 24, 2014

This problem still exists and it happens nearly every time I change the volume.
I think this is how it happens:

  • Hover mouse on sound applet
  • Change sound
  • Move mouse away
  • The tooltip pops up a little delayed
  • The tooltip stays

I guess the mouse-out would trigger removing of the tooltip, but it fails because it isn't there yet.

jomo commented Mar 7, 2015

This issue is almost 2 years old and I'm still having it.

To clarify my comment from last year:
I think that there is a mouse-out event on the button and/or tooltip that fades out the tooltip. But the tooltip fades in a little delayed, so it actually shows up (think: binds the event) when the mouse has already moved out so the event does never trigger.

At least that what's I remember from last when I searched the code back then.

@dalcde dalcde added the BUG label May 4, 2015
pixunil commented Nov 21, 2015

As #4808 got merged, and I don't experienced this since a while, I think this is solved.

@JosephMcc JosephMcc closed this Nov 27, 2015
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