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[Scale; 1.8] Fine-tune some aspects of Scale #1211

merged 74 commits into from Nov 21, 2012

4 participants

  1. Don't let Scale react on spurious pointer-motion events that arise from the opening animation.
  2. Let the close button more closely follow the focused window, be it keyboard- or mouse-focused.
  3. Scale should open with the close button enabled for the default-selected window.
  4. Windows should be sorted similar to Alt-Tab, most importantly: minimized windows should be pushed back in the order.
  5. Ensure that windows and overlays never go out of sync.
  6. Use all available horizontal space for windows captions.
  7. Adapt window-caption width as the selection changes and window titles are updated.
  8. Make Scale usable with many monitors.
  9. Window context menu.
  10. Lots of other enhancements.
  11. Lots of code removed.

Current status: Begs to be tested.

Xethron commented Oct 20, 2012

Ah! Perfect! Works perfectly. Been waiting for this commit. See no errors thus far.


This now contains all my Scale-related work on my master branch.

autarkper and others added some commits Oct 26, 2012
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Sort primarily on minimized-ness 5cca5c6
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Make sure clones and overlays never go out of sync. Sort arra…
…y of clones in-place. Ensure correct keyboard focus.
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Some rework of pointer-event handling. 72ebb7e
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Make sure the keyboard-focused window clone has a close button. 316f840
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Improve window-caption-width calculation, taking into account…
… all available horizontal space.
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Make window-caption-width calculation adaptive as selection c…
…hanges and titles are updated
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Some overlay refactoring. 14134a1
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Tweak adaptive Window-caption-width calculation. 4f94bc8
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Reorder the steps in Overlay construction. 916fe0e
@autarkper autarkper [Multi-monitor, Scale] Show all windows belonging to the current work…
…space together, regardless of which monitor they're on.
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Less intrusive keyboard handling. f927294
@autarkper autarkper PopupComboMenu: Handle a scaled source actor better. 1a32bd3
@autarkper autarkper Improve PopupComboMenu keyboard handling. 9c71a55
@autarkper autarkper Let PopupComboMenu width not depend on source actor's width. b61bc60
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Make workspace overview background themeable 3226e97
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Add a window context menu. 657102c
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Syncstacking should only affect the permanent sort order the …
…first time it's called.
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Split Scale into one view per monitor. 813dd95
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Right-click on clone to show context menu. b8d9a3e
@autarkper autarkper [Scale, Multi-monitor] Turn off workspace-shift animation if more tha…
…n one monitor is present.
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Always use the entire screen as the "porthole". da0078c
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Resize properly on monitor change. 2d1559d
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Refactoring, get rid of ViewSelector. 0b9979d
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Refactoring, keep fewer objects alive all the time. 81141ff
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Remove left-behind search-provider functions. 8380ce9
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Find first non-empty monitor. 71c98d3
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Handle windows demanding attention or being marked urgent (ne…
…eds support from muffin for full functionality).
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Some cleanup of complex window-close handling. caf9b5c
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Code shuffling. 4619597
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Center grid more precisely. b63c1bd
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Delete some left-over advanced positioning functions. 02d1071
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Use Main.isInteresting. 1e22a55
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Tell activated workspace to update. 8929090
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Check for Alt or Ctrl being pressed before handling keyboard …
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Auto-update after menu close and window-close. 7144b0e
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Delete obsolete ViewSelector styles. 3e8e755
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Remove reference to obsolete viewSelector.js. cf11ee6
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Cancel zoom on keyboard-selection change.
[Scale] Keyboard support for zoom-scrolling selected window clone (Ctrl+'+'/'-'/'0').
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Remove dormant, outdated drag-and-drop support. da51440
@autarkper autarkper [Misc] Add js/misc/pointerTracker.js, a small class that keeps track …
…of the pointer position.
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Use a PointerTracker to keep track of whether the pointer rea…
…lly has moved.
@autarkper autarkper [misc] Add new utility gridNavigator. 8613914
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Use GridNavigator for grid navigation. 66cb7ff
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Initially set primary monitor as the active monitor. 01eb713
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Remove some left-overs. d33a12d
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Improve window-workspace handling (sticky, etc.) 3edcb66
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Change the menu-activation hotkey to Alt+M/m.
[Scale] Let Ctrl+space open window context menu.
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Must disconnect from long-lived Scale view. 0d10595
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Refactoring (1). 8a1f94e
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Refactoring (2): Remove drag-and-drop relics. 8694433
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Refactoring (3): Remove workspace-changed logic. f68121e
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Refactoring (4): _alwaysUpdateZoom removed. 40a7fc3
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Refactoring (5): Get rid of unused workspace controls. f61764b
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Refactoring (6): Move ownership of _workspaces to the view. 0405db4
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Refactoring (7): Move more members from display to view. 4da562f
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Refactoring (8): Move even more members from display to view. 723b16c
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Refactoring (9): Remove clip* members. 729703c
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Refactoring (10): Remove a duplicate handler. d08d5de
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Use all available screen space. ac5ea43
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Refactoring (11): Get rid of WorkspacesView.WorkspacesDisplay. 71d4440
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Refactoring (12): Avoid mutual import. 81425ed
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Refactoring (13): Remove more drag-and-drop left-overs. 9444fef
@autarkper autarkper [main.js] Keep internal workspace count in sync with reality. 22d6c07
@autarkper autarkper [main.js] Add a function to move a window to a new workspace. 7dbb410
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Handle changes in workspace count dynamically. 848a925
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Add a menu option to move a window to a new workspace. aa5d4e6
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Remove some more left-overs. 51fb25b
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Give the window context menu an ID: 'scale-window-context-men…
…u', for easier theming.
@dalcde dalcde Deprecate Overview.setMessage 3eec255
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Remove last traces of CinnamonInfo. d97547a
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Fewer window-zoom steps. 9221790
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Do away with the desktop-fade effect on entry/exit. d913255
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Remove isDummy left-overs. a2c99a7
@autarkper autarkper [Scale] Remove _fakePointerEvent left-overs. 961dec4
@clefebvre clefebvre merged commit 069a4a1 into linuxmint:master Nov 21, 2012
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