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BETA Bug Squah Rush
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This github project was created to collect feedback and squash bugs for Linux Mint 19.2.

It is not a permanent project and it will be deleted after the release.

Before creating a new issue, please make sure:

Be precise in your issue and follow the template as much as possible. We know it takes time to report issues and to troubleshoot, but the quality of the feedback makes all the difference. When the issue is clearly analyzed and it touches an area we're empowered to fix, we're able to fix it much faster.

Please be aware that the vast majority of reported issues do not get fixed because:

  • We don't understand their cause (observations describe a behaviour but not the cause of that behaviour)
  • They're not reproducible
  • They affect components which are upstream from us (proprietary drivers, or components which are maintained by Debian/Ubuntu)
  • They're beyond the scope of what the team focuses on

What we look for the most during a point release BETA phase are regressions coming from us. If an issue is new, and it's specific to this release, and it's about a component we develop, then we should be able to fix rapidly and that's our primary target during the BETA phase.

That's not to say we shouldn't fix other issues. If we have clear feedback and clear understanding of upstream issues, we can fix these as well. But in those few days between BETA and STABLE, we're literally in a rush, to fix as many issues as possible, so we're really looking for the ones where we can make a difference.

Note: Thank you for taking part in this BETA. There are many of you and very few of us and it's hard to acknowledge and thank everyone for their participation, especially when rushing like this. We do appreciate your help and we look forward to fixing bugs.

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