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Send and receive files across a local network

Other platforms (unofficial):

How to build and install for Linux

Mint 20, LMDE 4+:

sudo apt-get install warpinator

Ubuntu 20.04, related:

# Install build dependencies listed below, note minimum versions:
sudo apt-get install python3-grpc-tools python3-grpcio

# Clone this repo:
git clone

# Enter the folder, specify version:
cd warpinator

# Check out a version you want, or skip this step to build off the current source.
git checkout 1.2.3

# Try to build. If this fails, it's probably due to missing dependencies.
# If you use GitHub Actions to compile, please install the following dependencies.
sudo apt-get -y install debhelper dh-python gnome-pkg-tools meson gobject-introspection appstream python3-grpc-tools

# Take note of these packages, install them using apt-get:
dpkg-buildpackage --no-sign

# Once that succeeds, install:
cd ..
sudo dpkg -i *warp*.deb

# If this fails, make note of missing runtime dependencies (check list below),
# install them, repeat previous command (apt-get install -f may also work).
Note for Mint 19.x and Ubuntu Bionic (18.04) users:

Add this PPA to satisfy dependencies, then you can follow steps above:

Otherwise (and this is valid anywhere if you want to avoid packaging):

meson builddir --prefix=/usr  (This is typical - /usr/local is another common choice for non-package-manager installs).
ninja -C builddir
sudo ninja -C builddir install


For any Linux distro with flatpak support you can also install it from Flathub:

flatpak install flathub org.x.Warpinator

build deps (ref: debian/control)
  • meson (>= 0.45.0)
  • python3-grpc-tools (>= 1.14.0)
  • python3-protobuf (>= 3.6.1)
  • gobject-introspection
required only for makepot
  • appstream,
  • policykit-1,
runtime deps
  • gir1.2-glib-2.0
  • gir1.2-gtk-3.0 (>= 3.20.0)
  • gir1.2-xapp-1.0 (>= 1.6.0)
  • python3
  • python3-gi
  • python3-setproctitle
  • python3-xapp (>= 1.6.0)
  • python3-zeroconf (>= 0.27.0) *** see note below
  • python3-grpcio (>= 1.16.0)
  • python3-cryptography
  • python3-nacl
Note about zeroconf

As of v1.2.0, the build attempts to download and install/package zeroconf to the warpinator install dir (or package). To disable this and have warpinator use the system's version, set the 'bundle-zeroconf' build option to false:

meson builddir --prefix=/usr -Dbundle-zeroconf=false
ninja -C builddir
sudo ninja -C builddir install
You can get grpcio and grpc-tools from pip3 also:
pip3 install grpcio grpcio-tools

Troubleshooting tips

Improving transfer speeds

Enable compression:

Beginning in version 1.2.0, transfers can potentially be sped up by enabling compression. Note: this will only work if the sending and receiving machine both support it. It can be enabled in General Preferences: image

Solving connection issues

Check your group code:

All devices that wish to connnect must share the same group code. Any that do not will be ignored. Tip: You should first choose a unique code before setting up additional devices. Do not leave it as the default "Warpinator".

Make sure you're using a valid network interface:

All devices must be on the same local subnet in order to connect. While Warpinator will generally 'get this right' on its own, it can fail depending on various factors. An easy way to tell is to compare the IP address of both devices. You can check this in the lower right-hand corner of the Warpinator window. In most home-based networks, this value will start with 192.168.1. For devices to see one another, they must all share that part of the address. The last set of digits will differ on each device. If there are additional differences, the devices will probably not be able to connect.

  • If you're running Warpinator in a virtual machine, make sure you've set it up to use a 'bridged' network adapter. This enables the VM to appear as a real computer on the network. If you don't do this, it won't be visible to other Warpinator devices on the network. In VirtualBox, this can be changed as shown:


  • If you are connected to multiple networks, you may need to select a specific interface in Preferences: image

  • Make sure you don't have a VPN currently enabled on the device. Allowing 'LAN traffic' in your VPN configuration can sometimes avoid this problem, though you should disable the VPN entirely until you can confirm there are no connection issues without it.

Make sure your firewall is configured properly, if one is being used:

In order for devices to connect with one another, allowances must be made for Warpinator in your firewall rules, to allow incoming traffic for the specific ports Warpinator uses. By default, port 42000 is used for transfers, and 42001 is used for authentication. In current versions of Warpinator (after 1.2.0), only TCP is required, but you should also allow UDP traffic on the transfer port to allow connections with older Warpinator versions.

  • If you use gufw, Warpinator can add the rules for you (this is not available for the Flatpak version): image
  • If you're using the Flatpak version, you can add the rules to gufw by adding 'Simple' rules:

Screenshot from 2022-04-07 14-15-47


Screenshot from 2022-04-07 14-15-06

You should end up with:

Screenshot from 2022-04-07 14-19-24

Check under the hood:

It's possible there is something else causing your connection issues that is not covered here. You can run Warpinator in debug mode to gather additional information to troubleshoot (or to attach to an Issue report here).

  • First, make sure Warpinator isn't already running - open the menu and click 'Quit'. Simply closing the window will not necessarily end the program, if you have the status icon enabled.


  • Then, open a terminal and run:
warpinator --debug

This will cause a great deal of useful information to be logged to the terminal. You can copy this and attach it to a bug report here. This will give us a good head start on assisting you.

Note: Please don't copy/paste the text directly into the issue. You can save it into a text file, then simply drag the file into the editor here.