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thieme2pdf is a download script written in python ( to download ebooks from the thieme ebook library.
I have written this software for personal use which is why the code is far from perfect. Patches are welcome.

== Licencse ==
GPL v3 (

== Usage ==
python --isbn=ISBN
python --isbn=ISBN --offset=5      //begin downloading with a 5 page offset
python --isbn=ISBN --out=FILENAME  //define a output filename. Default is ISBN.pdf

	python --isbn=9783131471413
	INFO: ISBN: 9783131471413 offset: 1 out: 9783131471413.pdf
	INFO: downloading pages 2 - 12
	INFO: downloading pages 13 - 23
	INFO: did not succeed. reducing stepsize
	INFO: convert pdf to ps
	INFO: processing page set 1 of 7
	INFO: and now back to pdf again
	INFO: processing page set 1 of 7
	INFO: merging
	INFO: generating TOC
	INFO: successfully written TOC
	INFO: written pdf to 9783131471413.pdf

== Prerequisites ==
 - Python           tested with python 2.5, 2.6
 - XPDF - pdftops   (
 - pdftk            (
 - ps2pdf           (
 - jpdfbookmarks    (

== FAQ ==
none so far ;)

== Todo ==
 - code cleanup
 - more intelligent algorithm to detect the end of an ebook
 - reduce dependencies