Adhocracy is a policy drafting and decision making software for distributed groups and open institutions.
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Adhocracy is a web based software tool which facilitates cooperative policy drafting, proposal discussion and decisions in distributed groups.

It is primarily developed by the Liquid Democracy e.V. as a platform to implement Liquid Democracy concepts, as well as to provide a simple and working general purpose online participation platform.


Adhocracy is mostly written in Python 2. It's built on top of many free software projects, such as the Pylons web framework, the Solr search platform, Memcached, Redis, many Python libraries and more.


Adhocracy is known to run on current Linux systems, such as Debian Squeeze. It might run on FreeBSD or OS X, but this hasn't been tested recently.

Installation is usually done through buildout or through an installer script for Debian based systems. In either case, read INSTALLATION.rst.


Adhocracy is openly developed as free software and distributed for the common good under the AGPLv3 license.

Source code hosting, bug tracking and planned feature discussion is done on GitHub.

Communication also takes place on the adhocracy-dev mailing list.

Documentation is included in the source code and can be read online on readthedocs.

We're very open for contributions, please drop us a note on the mailing list or create a pull request on GitHub.


Community support is available through the adhocracy-dev mailing list.

Commercial support (installation, hosting, customization, training) is offered by the Liquid Democracy e.V. - you can reach us at info(at)liqd(dot)de.