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adhocracy+ is a free Open-Source participation platform maintained and primarily developed by Liquid Democracy e.V.. It is based on adhocracy 4 and Django.

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Getting started

adhocracy+ is designed to make online participation easy and accessible to everyone. It can be used on our SaaS-platform or installed on your own servers. How to get started on our platform is explained here.

Installation for development


  • nodejs (+ npm)
  • python 3.x (+ venv + pip)
  • libpq (only if postgres should be used)


git clone
cd adhocracy-plus
make install
make fixtures

Start virtual environment:

source venv/bin/activate

Check if tests work:

make test

Start a local server:

make watch

Use postgresql database for testing:

run the following command once:

make create-postgres

to start the testserver with postgresql, run:

export DATABASE=postgresql
make start-postgres
make watch

Go to http://localhost:8004/ and login with | password

Installation on a production system

You like adhocracy+ and want to run your own version? An installation guide for production systems can be found here.

Contributing or maintaining your own fork

If you found an issue, want to contribute, or would like to add your own features to your own version of adhocracy+, check out contributing.


We care about security. So, if you find any issues concerning security, please send us an email at info [at] liqd [dot] net.