A Liquidware Arduino Distribution
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Antipasto Arduino IDE

The Antipasto Arduino IDE is a fork from the original Arduino IDE at:

This git repository contains the source for the IDE.

Ready-to-use binaries for the Antipasto Arduino IDE on Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux can be downloaded at:

This fork is maintined by the team behind the Antipasto Hardware Blog. It adds support for Liquidware and Modern Device hardware to the traditional Arduino IDE, as well as extended documentation. The following hardware is supported by the Antipasto Arduino IDE:

Code examples and documentation for the following is also included:

If you have a question about support for a specific platform or device, get in touch through Github or at the blog.

Building the IDE

Required packages: apache-ant, java-1.6, and doxygen

The IDE is best built using the built-in ant scripts. Running:

ant dist.all

will build the IDE for your current OS (Windows, OSX, Linux). To run the IDE:

ant run.all

Working with Git

Here are some notes that I wish someone told me when I was first learning how to use git and github effectively

More Information

Bugs and feedback can be submitted through the "Issues" tab on Github. News about the IDE can usually be found on the Antipasto Hardware Blog, and sometimes on the Illuminato X Machina Mailing List.