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Express Security Txt

Express middleware that implements a security.txt path and policy. Allows the repeating of a directive, as well as the insertion of comments.



yarn add express-security-txt


Define an options object with the keys that make up a valid security.txt file. All the keys are in camelCase.

const securityTxt = require('express-security-txt')

const options = {
  contact: '',
  preferredLanguages: 'en'


Passing multiple values

Some directives allow you to specify multiple values. This package allows you to do this by passing an array:

const options = {
  contact: ['', '']

Adding comments

Comments can be included in the generated file. The # at the beggining of each line of a comment is automatically inserted by the package.

Comments at the start and end of a file can be added by using the _prefixComment and _postfixComment keys, like so:

const options = {
  _prefixComment: 'This comment will appear at the beggining of the security.txt file',
  contact: '',
  _postfixComment: 'This comment will appear at the end of the security.txt file'

NOTE: You may include the newline character (\n), and the package will automatically insert the # symbol at the beggining of each line.

Multiline comments can also be added by specifying an array, where each element is a line of the comment.

Comments just before a directive can be added by creating an object of the form { comment: '...', value: '...' }, where the value associated with the value key is the value of the field; and the comment is the comment to appear directly before the field.

For example,

const options = {
  contact: '',
  acknowledgments: {
    comment: 'This comment will appear just above the Acknowledgments field',
    value: ''

Would become

# This comment will appear just above the Acknowledgments field

If a field allows multiple values, you can leave a comment on each one like so:

const options = {
  contact: [
    { comment: 'You can rarely reach me by email', value: '' },
    { comment: 'Try this online form instead?', value: '' }


Project tests:

yarn run test

Project linting:

yarn run lint


Commit Guidelines

The project uses the commitizen tool for standardizing changelog style commit messages so you should follow it as so:

git add .           # add files to staging
yarn run commit      # use the wizard for the commit message


A Node.js middleware for Express that implements Security.txt - A Method for Web Security Policies





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