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Fluid is a collection of cross-platform QtQuick components for building fluid and dynamic applications, using the Material Design guidelines.

Online documentation is available at liri.io.

We develop using the git flow method this means that the develop branch contains code that is being developed and might break from time to time. If you want to check out a stable version just install one of the releases or clone the master branch that has the latest released version.



Qt >= 5.10.0 with at least the following modules is required:

The following modules and their dependencies are required:


mkdir build
cd build
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/path/to/prefix ..
make install # use sudo if necessary

Replace /path/to/prefix to your installation prefix. Default is /usr/local.

You can also append the following options to the cmake command:

  • -DFLUID_USE_SYSTEM_LCS:BOOL=ON: Use a system-wide copy of LiriCMakeShared.
  • -DFLUID_WITH_DOCUMENTATION:BOOL=OFF: Do not build the documentation.
  • -DFLUID_WITH_DEMO:BOOL=OFF: Do not build the demo application.
  • -DFLUID_WITH_QML_MODULES:BOOL=OFF: Do not build QML modules.
  • -DFLUID_INSTALL_ICONS:BOOL=OFF: Embed icons into resources.


The HTML documentation is built unless -DFLUID_WITH_DOCUMENTATION:BOOL=OFF is passed to cmake and it's installed into <prefix>/share/doc/fluid/html.

Open <prefix>/share/doc/fluid/html/index.html with a browser to read it.


You can either install system-wide or per-project installation which is essentially embedding Fluid in your project.

System-wide installations are usually performed by packagers who want to redistribute Fluid in their Linux distro.

Per-project installation is most useful for mobile developers that want to build Fluid alongside their project.

System-wide installation

We assume that your distro installs QtQuick modules in /usr/lib/qt/qml like Arch Linux does, please change the paths for your Linux distro.

The same goes for other operating systems.

From the root of the repository, run:

git submodule update --init --recursive
mkdir build
sudo make install

Please note that a system-wide installation is discouraged in most cases because there's a risk to "pollute" your system with libraries not managed by a package manager.

Per-project installation

You can embed Fluid in your project and build it along your app.

We have an example with qmake in examples/perproject/minimalqmake and another one for qbs in examples/perproject/minimalqbs.


Licensed under the terms of the Mozilla Public License version 2.0.