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Welcome to the Growerbot github repository. The growerbot is a social gardening assistant, more details at

Arduino source

To use the Arduino source you'll need those three libraries :

Download them and put them into the libraries folder of your Aduino IDE installation.

To install Arduino IDE please go to :

To upload the program into the Growerbot please follow the instruction on the fifth video of the assembly videos.

Linux Users

If you have installed Arduino IDE via an installer (i.e. apt-get) note that your library may be in your home folder at ~/sketchbook/libraries (Tested only with Ubuntu). Also if you have problems compiling the Time library and it's the Time/DateString.cpp file that cause the problem you can remove all the "PROGMEM" keywords to make it compile without problems.

Electric Imp Source

Those file are samples to use with the Electrc Imp SD card. Please refer to the Readme file into the folder for more help.


Those are the schematics and board design to build a Growerbot, you can also buy a kit at

To learn what you need and how to build your Growerbot please watch the assembly videos at