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Migration data visualization on map
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leafet.migrationLayer is used to show migration data such as population,flight,vehicle,traffic and so on.Data visualization on map.


Supported Browsers

Internet Explorer 10+
Google Chrome

Demo online

A demo is available on the Github Pages webpage for leaflet.migrationLayer Check out demo!.


1.Include the JavaScript files located in \dist directory.

<script src="./dist/leaflet.migrationLayer.js"></script>

2.Create a new migrationLayer

var migrationLayer = new L.migrationLayer({
    map: map,
    data: data

3.update or set data to migrationLayer


4.hide migrationLayer

migrationLayer.hide(); migrationLayer;

6.pause migrationLayer animation

migrationLayer.pause(); migrationLayer animation;

8.destroy migrationLayer



option Description Default Value Possible values Required
map the map obj null Map yes
data data for migrationLayer null Json yes
pulseRadius the pulse radius 25 any number>0 no
pulseBorderWidth pulse border width 3 any number>0 no
arcWidth arc width 1 any number>0 no
arcLabel show from and to label true Bool no
arcLabelFont label font and size '15px sans-serif' 'size font' no
maxWidth the max width of arc 10 any number>1 no

data format

data = [{"from":[-118.2705,33.9984],"to":[-122.789336,37.920458],"labels":["Los Angeles","San Francisco"],"color":"#ff3a31","value":15}];

If the value is not undefined, the width of arc will depend on the value.

Leaflet Version

Requires Leaflet 1.0.2 or newer



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