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What is LiteCommerce?

LiteCommerce is a free PHP/MySQL-driven open-source e-commerce solution that allows you to build a multifunctional e-commerce website (with forums, blog, articles, and so on) instead of just an online catalog with a checkout. LiteCommerce can work with Drupal and use all features provided by this CMS. However it can be installed as stand-alone application and used as online shopping cart with catalog and checkout.

LiteCommerce is object-oriented, has a modular MVC architecture, uses ORM (Doctrine 2.0) for database access. Having that the upgrades are painless and you can easily make various modules and customizations without changing the core code. Moreover, since LiteCommerce avoids speed bottlenecks in the architecture, uses ORM library and supports Memcached it is fast and shows good perfomance.

We release LiteCommerce updates every 2-4 weeks. Please see the LiteCommerce 3 changelog for information on new features and bug fixes.

Learn more information at our website or find us on Facebook.


We are looking for contributors who could help us extend LiteCommerce and make it better. Translations to other languages are welcome as well. See the Contribution guide for more information.


LiteCommerce is free and distributed under Open Software License v. 3.0.