XWiki Rendering Framework Grails Integration
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Latest commit 59fbd57 Mar 9, 2014 @literalice Merge pull request #4 from k2s/upgrade
Upgrades to latest Grails and xwiki versions
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grails-app revert to Grails 2.3.6, because of problems with debugging Mar 7, 2014
scripts changes the xwiki macro artefact style Aug 23, 2012
src fixes some javadocs Jan 20, 2013
test removes a dependency to log4j May 6, 2013
web-app/WEB-INF plugin xwiki upgraded to 2.3.RC2 Aug 30, 2013
.gitignore adds ignore files Jan 20, 2013
LICENSE.txt changes the license to LGPL 2.1 in accordance with the XWiki's license Aug 2, 2012
README.md adds a build status icon Jan 20, 2013
XwikiRenderingGrailsPlugin.groovy increments the plugin version May 7, 2013
application.properties upgrade Grails to 2.3.7 Mar 6, 2014
grailsw updates a wrapper Jan 20, 2013