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New GUI for NORway, NANDway and SPIway from Judges (

ATTENTION : The use of this program is at your own risk! The author can not be held responsible for the consequences of its use.

Simple GUI, written in and batch, to easily launch and work with the well known NORway, NANDway and SPIway python scripts by Judges for PS3 and PS4 hardware flashing using Teensy++ 2.0.


  • Teensy COM port auto-detection
  • Teensy programming (load .hex file by clicking on teensy picture)
  • Multiple dumps (you can define a quantity of dumps to perform)
  • Binary dumps comparison (if multi-dumps) with log file.
  • Options to write or verify "Per Firmware" data only on NOR. Require my modded script. See Installation Instructions for more details.




v2.05: - Fixed COM port auto-detection error on Windows 10 due to USB Serial generic drivers. Now detection is done by searching VID/PID/SERIAL of the device instead of the driver name. Result is the detection is more efficient, delay is slightly reduced and it is fully driver version independent. - Fixed bug killing all cmd prompts at closure.

v2.04: Added extra options to write/verify "Per Firmware" data only on NOR. Those Options require my modded script to be enabled. See Installation Instructions for more details.

v2.03: Correction of a minor bug concerning errorlevel detection from python scripts.

v2.02: Added compatibility with the latest USB serial drivers from PRJC: "Teensy USB Serial" driver now detected as well as the old one.

v2.01: Bug correction about Multi-dumps and binary checks. (Thanks to Joris 73 from LS)

v2.00: Removed embedded console due to problems with scripts output redirection. Now scripts launched in a separate regular console prompt window. "Save screen" and "Kill process" buttons removed as well. Instead, you can copy from console to save screen and use Ctrl+C to kill process if needed.

v1.01: Added Teensy programming feature: can load .hex file by clicking on the teensy picture. Dump file extension changed: was (.x.bin), now is (.bin) if only one dump and (*_x.bin) if multi-dumps.

v1.00: First release

Source code available at

Thanks to "Judges" for all his work. Thanks to "Swizzy" for the original idea (ref to WAYgui project :


New GUI for NORway, NANDway and SPIway




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