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Free WordPress DevOps Products

LittleBizzy makes long-term WordPress maintenance easy.

Like many bloggers and web designers, we spent years jumping between various WordPress solutions, chasing after free speech, customization, long-term stability and technical SEO signals. Long story short, we never found one... and so began our years-long research and testing that gave birth to our free LEMP stack script, SlickStack, which combines several of the lessons we learned after a decade of dealing with these issues. Our upcoming free WordPress theme HoverCraft aims to work nicely with SlickStack, with the goal of saving you time and headache, whether you are launching a brand new cloud server or redesigning a bloated WooCommerce site for one of your clients...


  1. slickstack Public

    Lightning-fast WordPress on Nginx

    Shell 506 102

  2. hovercraft Public

    No maintenance WordPress theme

    PHP 12 1

  3. Purge all of the WordPress caches

    15 4

  4. force-https Public

    HTTPS enforcement for WordPress

    PHP 26 9


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