An addon for Mozilla Firefox, providing serveral features for video-sharing website "Nico Nico douga".
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A better Nico Nico Douga on Firefox, featuring video download

Install latest release from

DISCLAIMER: Illegal downloads is punishable in several countries (e.g. Japan.) so please respect the copyright laws, and use this utility at your own risk.

The master branch includes the current beta which is released or pending review on AMO, and the development branch is where the magic happens :)

What is NicoFox?

NicoFox is a Firefox add-on that does things you will need when you surf on Nico Nico Douga:

  • Toolbar to access third-party tool website

  • Video and comment downloads

  • Schedule the video downloads and perform when the low-quality mode is off

  • Block Nicowa with its annonying hourly alarms on Harajuku version

  • Built-in player to play the downloaded video with comments

Test the development snapshot on repository

Two ways to do it:

  • Download and extract the source code, rename the folder to nicofox@littlebtc then move it to [your profile directory]/extensions/.
  • On Mac OS X, Linux, or on Windows with MinGW or Cygwin, install Git, clone this repository, then run ./ to generate XPI file.