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Converts TTF/WOFF fonts to compact bitmap format
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lv_font_conv - font convertor to compact bitmap format

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Converts TTF/WOFF fonts to compact format, suitable for small embedded systems. Main features are:

  • Allows bitonal and anti-aliased glyphs (1-4 bits per pixel).
  • Preserves kerning info.
  • Compression.
  • Users can select required glyphs only (subsetting).
  • Multiple font sources can be merged.
  • Simple CLI interface, easy to integrate into external build systems.

Install the script

node.js v10+ required.

Global install of the last version, execute as "lv_font_conv"

# install release from npm registry
npm i lv_font_conv -g
# install from github's repo, master branch
npm i littlevgl/lv_font_conv -g

run via npx without install

# run from npm registry
npx lv_font_conv -h
# run from github master
npx github:littlevgl/lv_font_conv -h

Note, runing via npx may take some time until modules installed, be patient.

CLI params


  • --bpp - bits per pixel (antialiasing).
  • --size - output font size (pixels).
  • -o, --output - output path (file or directory, depends on format).
  • --format - output format.
    • --format dump - dump glyph images and font info, useful for debug.
    • --format bin - dump font in binary form (as described in spec).
    • --format lvgl - dump font in LittlevGL format.
  • --force-fast-kern-format - always use more fast kering storage format, at cost of some size. If size difference appears, it will be displayed.

Per font:

  • --font - path to font file (ttf/woff/woff2). May be used multiple time for merge.
  • -r, --range - single glyph or range + optional mapping, belongs to previously declared --font. Can be used multiple times. Examples:
    • -r 0x1F450 - single value, dec or hex format.
    • -r 0x1F450-0x1F470 - range.
    • -r '0x1F450=>0xF005' - single glyph with mapping.
    • -r '0x1F450-0x1F470=>0xF005' - range with mapping.
    • -r 0x1F450 -r 0x1F451-0x1F470 - 2 ranges.
    • -r 0x1F450,0x1F451-0x1F470 - the same as above, but defined with single -r.
  • --symbols - list of characters to copy (instead of numeric format in -r).
    • --symbols 0123456789., - extract chars to display numbers

Additional debug options:

  • --no-compress - disable built-in RLE compression.
  • --no-prefilter - disable bitmap lines filter (XOR), used to improve compression ratio.
  • --no-kerning - drop kerning info to reduce size (not recommended).
  • --full-info - don't shorten 'font_info.json' (include pixels data).


Merge english from Roboto Regular and icons from Font Awesome, and show debug info:

env DEBUG=* lv_font_conv --font Roboto-Regular.ttf -r 0x20-0x7F --font FontAwesome.ttf -r 0xFE00=>0x81 --size 16 --format bin --bpp 3 -o output.font

Merge english & russian from Roboto Regular, and show debug info:

env DEBUG=* lv_font_conv --font Roboto-Regular.ttf -r 0x20-0x7F -r 0x401,0x410-0x44F,0x451 --size 16 --format bin --bpp 3 -o output.font

Dump all Roboto glyphs to inspect icons and font details:

lv_font_conv --font Roboto-Regular.ttf -r 0x20-0x7F --size 16 --format dump --bpp 3 -o ./dump

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