Tutorials on how to use swift NSDate or related classes. NSDate, NSDateFormatter, NSCalendar, NSDateComponents, NSDateComponentsFormatter, etc included.
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#Playing with Swift Date

This project is aimed to show the basic use of Swift Date class. The contents are an implementation of AppCoda's tutorial. See http://www.appcoda.com/nsdate/ for details.

All the codes are tested on XCode 7.2 Swift 2.1.1 playground.

The prject contains the uses of following classes or enums or structs:

  • NSDate
  • NSDateFormatter
  • NSCalendar
  • NSDateComponents
  • NSDateComponentsFormatter
  • NSComparisonResult enum
  • NSCalendarUnit struct

I'm an open source project beginner and very interest in the open source community. I hope I can be one of them and am pretty likely to communicate with anyone who are already one of them. Please, please contact me if you have any suggestion. My Email: liuyubobobo@gmail.com :)

##Part I : Using NSDate and NSDateFormatter

  • Create a NSDate object
  • Create a NSDateFormatter object
  • Use dateStyle property for NSDateFormatter to show predefined date format
  • Given an NSLocale object to locale property of NSDateFormatter to show locale-related date format.
    • I use China locale in this example because I'm a Chinese:)
  • Given an date specifier string to dateFormat property of NSDateFormatter to show custom date format
  • Use NSDateFormatter's dateFromString: method to convert a date string to an NSDate object

##PART II : Using NSDateComponents

  • Create an NSCalendar object
  • Convert an NSDate object into an NSDateComponents object using NSCalendar's components:fromDate method
  • Convert an NSDateComponents object back to an NSDate object using NSCalendar's dateFromComponents: method
  • See results of one date from different time zones by setting NSDataComponents' timezone property

##PART III : Comparing Date and Time

  • Compare two dates by NSDate's earlierDate: and laterDate: methods
  • Compare two dates by compare: function and NSComparisonResult enum
  • Compare two dates by using NSDate's timeIntervalSinceReferenceDate property
  • Use isEqualToDate: to see if two NSDates' objects are equal

##PART IV : Calculating Future and Past Dates

  • Make use the NSCalendar class and NSCalendarUnit struct
  • Make use the NSDateComponents object
  • Use NSDate's dateByAddingTimeInterval: method
    • This method may produce wrong results because of leap seconds, leap years, daylight saving time, and so on
  • Substract a number of days from an NSDate object

##PART V : Calculating Date Difference

  • Using the NSCalendar's components:fromDate:toDate:options: method
  • Using NSDateComponentsFormatter's stringFromTimeInterval method
  • Using NSDateComponentsFormatter's stringFromDate:toDate method