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Tutorials on how to use swift NSDate or related classes. NSDate, NSDateFormatter, NSCalendar, NSDateComponents, NSDateComponentsFormatter, etc included.
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#Playing with Swift Date

This project is aimed to show the basic use of Swift Date class. The contents are an implementation of AppCoda's tutorial. See for details.

All the codes are tested on XCode 7.2 Swift 2.1.1 playground.

The prject contains the uses of following classes or enums or structs:

  • NSDate
  • NSDateFormatter
  • NSCalendar
  • NSDateComponents
  • NSDateComponentsFormatter
  • NSComparisonResult enum
  • NSCalendarUnit struct

I'm an open source project beginner and very interest in the open source community. I hope I can be one of them and am pretty likely to communicate with anyone who are already one of them. Please, please contact me if you have any suggestion. My Email: :)

##Part I : Using NSDate and NSDateFormatter

  • Create a NSDate object
  • Create a NSDateFormatter object
  • Use dateStyle property for NSDateFormatter to show predefined date format
  • Given an NSLocale object to locale property of NSDateFormatter to show locale-related date format.
    • I use China locale in this example because I'm a Chinese:)
  • Given an date specifier string to dateFormat property of NSDateFormatter to show custom date format
  • Use NSDateFormatter's dateFromString: method to convert a date string to an NSDate object

##PART II : Using NSDateComponents

  • Create an NSCalendar object
  • Convert an NSDate object into an NSDateComponents object using NSCalendar's components:fromDate method
  • Convert an NSDateComponents object back to an NSDate object using NSCalendar's dateFromComponents: method
  • See results of one date from different time zones by setting NSDataComponents' timezone property

##PART III : Comparing Date and Time

  • Compare two dates by NSDate's earlierDate: and laterDate: methods
  • Compare two dates by compare: function and NSComparisonResult enum
  • Compare two dates by using NSDate's timeIntervalSinceReferenceDate property
  • Use isEqualToDate: to see if two NSDates' objects are equal

##PART IV : Calculating Future and Past Dates

  • Make use the NSCalendar class and NSCalendarUnit struct
  • Make use the NSDateComponents object
  • Use NSDate's dateByAddingTimeInterval: method
    • This method may produce wrong results because of leap seconds, leap years, daylight saving time, and so on
  • Substract a number of days from an NSDate object

##PART V : Calculating Date Difference

  • Using the NSCalendar's components:fromDate:toDate:options: method
  • Using NSDateComponentsFormatter's stringFromTimeInterval method
  • Using NSDateComponentsFormatter's stringFromDate:toDate method
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