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The generator allows you to easily create and scaffold your own liveblog themes.

Getting Started

First some dependencies need to be installed:

npm install -g yo generator-liveblog-theme

Then, initiate the generator inside an empty working directory

mkdir my-fantastic-theme
cd my-fantastic-theme
yo liveblog-theme

Here is the resulting directory structure of your new theme:

my-fantastic-theme $ ls   
▕ drwxr-xr-x▏32 sec │   4K│less
▕ drwxr-xr-x▏<  sec │  20K│node_modules
▕ drwxr-xr-x▏32 sec │   4K│templates
▕ -rw-r--r--▏32 sec │ 322B│Makefile
▕ -rw-r--r--▏32 sec │  95B│gulpfile.js
▕ -rw-r--r--▏32 sec │   1K│package.json
▕ -rw-r--r--▏32 sec │   4K│theme.json

You can now start your theme development server with:

gulp watch-static

Custom theme allow you to do two different things:

  • Extend templates, by creating your own template following this naming convention inside the templates/ directory
  • Create your own css. Just a file with the .less extension inside the less/ directory, and this one will automatically be appended at the end of the existing CSS.