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Building Microservices with Spring Boot
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Developing Microservices With Spring Boot

This is the code accompanying the Livelessons video training course, Building Microservices with Spring Boot, by Josh Long and Phil Webb.

We’re currently upgrading this codebase for a second video. Please use the v1 branch if you want to see the previous version.


What makes a modern application? A modern application lives on the web. It lives in the cloud. It works with all manner of data (big-data, NoSQL, in-memory data-grids). It is service-oriented and multi-client ready. It is production-ready. It is driven by ever-changing demands and scale.

While it’s true that it may no longer be a "Spring" chicken, Spring’s maturity is well-proven and powering some of the largest and widely used open-web applications in the world! And, with the introduction of Spring Boot, it’s lighter and more productive than ever.


This repository contains the example code covered in the LiveLesson video. Use the links below to jump to a specific topic:

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