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Livenodes is blockchain-based developed ecosystem, which builds multiple services and products with practical use cases. It’s a well known fact that crypto-projects are evaluated by market sentiments and the use cases the project is intending to solve. Livenodes, unlike other projects that are focused on the specificity of a single utility, has multiple use cases that solve real world problems. Livenodes is active in the industry since mid 2018, launching its first usecase in July, 2018 under Crypto Masters brand.

Official site More information about Crypto Masters

Coin Specs

Name & tickerLivenodesCoin (LNO)
Consensus algorithmPoS/MN
PoW block rewardfrom 10 to 1 LNO
Blocksize1 MB
Blocktime average1 min
Number of transaction confirmations6
Maturity150 confirmations
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