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LiveReload Development

Trial version

If you're here for the trial version, get it from go.livereload.com/trial.


Active development:

  • devel

(Note: I'm not sure if I need/want devel-mac and devel-win branches. My current guess is that I don't.)


  • maint-mac — the latest Mac release I may want to release hotfixes for
  • maint-win — the latest Windows release I may want to release hotfixes for
  • master — the branch I want people to download by default; the latest available ‘beta’ version — something that's recent enough and actually works

(Note: I'm not really sure I need per-platform branches here. I do keep two separate clones for Mac and for Windows maintenance, but I can probably do away with a single branch.)

Historical takes on Node-based LiveReload v3.x rewrite:

  • v3.0.x: the first attempt
  • nodejs: the second attempt


  • 32bit — a backport of 2.0a6 (an old prerelease build) to work on 32-bit systems
  • site-redesign1, site-redesign2 — two old attempts at web site redesign (should delete them some time soon)

Compiling and building

See README.md in the branch you are trying to build.