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Ruby lib for interacting with a Hadoop JobTracker / TaskTrackers

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houdah – Ruby lib for interacting with a Hadoop JobTracker / TaskTrackers

Houdah is a Ruby thrift lib for interfacing with a Hadoop jobtracker.

To install:

gem install houdah

Starting thrift server

Houdah expects that you have Cloudera's Hue installed and working. As a part of the Hue installation, you will compile and install a thrift interface that runs when the jobtracker is running. To be clear, you do not have to run Hue in order for Houdah to work - you just need to make sure that the org.apache.hadoop.thriftfs.ThriftJobTrackerPlugin is working.

Houdah has been tested with Hue 1.1.0. If you have it working with a later version of Hue, patches are welcome.

Basic Usage

require 'rubygems'
require 'houdah'

# args are host, optional port (9290 default), optional username (default "houdah"), and optional timeout
client = ""

# get list of running jobs

# get a list of failed jobs

# get jobtracker name

# get percent mapped / reduced for all running jobs { |j| puts "#{j.percent_mapped} mapped #{j.percent_reduced} reduced" }

# get percent done for the most recent job

# print out info about each tracker
client.trackers.each { |t| puts "#{}: #{t.failureCount} failures, #{t.tasks.length} active tasks" }

# get number of active / blacklisted trackers

# get number of excluded nodes

# get the mapred.local.dir config variable for the most recent job

# get the hive query for the hive job running

# kill all jobs { |j| j.kill! }

# close the client connection

# Quick and dirty way to get the number of killed jobs.  The run class method takes care of closing the client.
puts"") { |h| }

Bugs / Contact

Bugs and patches welcome at

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