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A Leiningen plugin for detecting vulnerable project dependencies. Basic clojure wrapper for OWASP Dependency Check.


As a User-Level Plugin:

To run dependency-check without having to add it to every Leiningen project as a project-level plugin, add dependency-check to the :plugins vector of your :user profile. E.g., a ~/.lein/profiles.clj with dependency-check as a plugin -

{:user {:plugins [[com.livingsocial/lein-dependency-check "1.4.0"]]}}

If you are on Leiningen 1.x do lein plugin install lein-dependency-check 1.4.0.

As a Project-Level Plugin:

Add [com.livingsocial/lein-dependency-check "1.4.0"] to the :plugins vector of your project.clj.

Project-level configuration may be provided under a :dependency-check key in your project.clj. Currently supported options are:

  • log log each vulnerability found to stdout
  • throw throw an exception after analysis and reporting if vulnerabilities are found, eg. to fail a build
  • min-cvss-v3 minimum CVSSv3 score required to :throw (number from 0.0 to 10.0), defaults to 0.0
  • properties-file Specifies a file that contains properties to merge with default values
  • output-format Vector of desired output formats: xml, csv, json, html, vuln, all
  • output-directory Directory to output results to
  • suppression-file Path to the suppression XML file


To generate a dependency-check-report.html report file to the current project's target directory, run:

$ lein dependency-check

To generate the report in XML format, run:

$ lein dependency-check --output-format :xml

To generate the report in multiple formats, run:

$ lein dependency-check --output-format :xml,:json,:html,:csv

To write the report to a different directory (e.g., /tmp), run:

$ lein dependency-check --output-directory /tmp

To set logging to stdout:

$ lein dependency-check --log

To set throw error when vulnerabilities found:

$ lein dependency-check --throw

To only throw if there are vulnerabilities with or above a given CVSSv3:

$ lein dependency-check --throw --min-cvss-v3 5

To set a suppression file:

$ lein dependency-check --suppression-file /suppression.xml

To set a properties file:

$ lein dependency-check --properties-file /

Suppressing False Positives

Support for suppressing false positives can be utilized by creating suppression.xml in your project's root directory.

Suppression snippets can be copied from the HTML report file directly into suppression.xml. Upon rerun of lein-dependency-check, the suppression file will be used and warnings will not be present in report.

For more information about dependency-check suppression system see


Copyright © 2016 LivingSocial

Distributed as open source under the terms of the MIT License.


A leiningen plugin for detecting vulnerable project dependencies







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