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An extension to Rake for dealing with a directory of inputs, a number of filters, and a directory of outputs
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Merge pull request #141 from jcf/master

Pin rake dependency to v10.1
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bin Extract command-line functionality from Runner to CLI
examples Modifying pipeline guide
lib Add failing test for deleting dynamic dependencies
rails Rails 2 and 3 Integration
spec Add failing test for deleting dynamic dependencies
tools Remove rename invoke_clean to invoke & drop invoke
.gitignore Make #match work.
.rspec Run tests in random order
.travis.yml Only support JRuby 1.7+ and remove Rubinius for now
.yardopts Tell YARD to load the README from README.yard Merge pull request #127 from martoche/fix-getting-started
Gemfile Move YARD gems into docs group
README.markdown Fix typo
README.yard Add upgrade warning to README
Rakefile Run tests in random order
rake-pipeline.gemspec Pin rake dependency to v10.1



The canonical documentation for Rake::Pipeline is hosted at

New users are recommended to read before anything else. Additional examples can be found in the examples directory.

Users are also recommended to checkout rake-pipeline-web-filters for commonly used filters.

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