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Serving content on Windows corrupts some files #77

mriska opened this Issue · 0 comments

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I have been investigating an issue with corrupted png:s, and have been able to track down at least one place where it does not work as expected.

I had a non-corrupted png-file in the assets folder, but when served through the rakep server the browser was receiving it corrupted.

I was able to fix that by changing to a binary in Middleware.rb:

  def response_for(file)
    [ 200, headers_for(file),, "rb") ]

I am also seeing that the same non-corrupted png-file in the tmp-directory will be corrupted once it is copied in to the assets folder. I assume that the fix for it would be similar, but I was unable to track down exactly what part of the code base is responsible for copying the files from the tmp-folders to the assets folder.

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