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Useful CSS houdini worklets
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Some helpful CSS snippets written in Houdini.

How to use

  1. Check compatibility: Check the "Paint API" row in the Houdini readiness table.
  2. Load the paint worklet CSS.paintWorklet.addModule('paintworklet.js').
  3. Use them in CSS!

1. Tooltip: (preview)


Tip: You can inspect the preview page to see them in action and play around with them.


<span>This is a tip</span>
  span {
    background-image: paint(tooltip);  /* Apply the tooltip paint rule */
    /* ... Optional: customize variables (see below) and other normal CSS for positioning, etc. */

<!-- Import the CSS Houdini -->

Customizable CSS variables

Name Meaning Value
--direction Direction of the triangle 'top'/'bottom'/'left'/'right', default: 'left'
--position Position of the triangle on the rectangle edge number 0 - 100 (percentage), or a keyword 'center', default: center
--triangle-size The length of the long edge of the pointing triangle number, default: 16
--round-radius Corner radius of the rectangle in pixels number, default: 5
--background-color Background color color, default: #fff
--border-width Border width number, default: 0
--border-color Border color color, default: #000
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