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CSciBox is a project to aid geologists and other scientists working with ice and sediment cores in collating, manipulating, and interpreting data derived from those cores.

The project webpage is here: CSciBox Webpage, and includes more detailed information about the project and a simple tutorial.

There are two options for those who want to use the software.

Before running cscibox you need to start a MongoDB sever. To start a server on the terminal use:

sudo mongod

If this is your first time running CSciBox you will also need to load our database:

mongorestore /usr/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/CSciBox-0.11.1-py2.7.egg/database_dump


In development, this project depends on the following packages. Installing them in this order will likely reduce your unhappiness:

  1. Python 2.7

  2. wxPython -- currently tested against version, Used for the GUI

  3. scipy/numpy/matplotlib -- follow link for instructions on installation, Used for calculations and plotting. 1.4.x is required; although it will work with some older versions, not all features will work with older versions.

  4. pymongo 2.8 (install using: pip install pymongo==2.8) -- Database for storage of all data

  5. quantities -- Used for handling engineering units

  6. bagit -- Used for exporting data

There is a Windows installer (OSX and Windows) available here: CSciBox Releases (slightly out of date).

Currently CSciBox has been tested on OSX 10.11 (El Capitan).

Please send your email address to so that we can keep you informed of future updates and get any feedback you may have.

Windows executable is 32-bits, and can be run as a stand-alone executable, no installation is necessary.

Note that you will also need access to a running mongodb server. After you have started up your local mongodb server, you should populate it with initial data by using the mongorestore command (see mongodb manual -- mongorestorre) and the data stored in this repository at database_dump/dump/repository. This will give you a set of initial (public) data to work from.

CSciBox contains a number of code modules that were written by others:

If you want to use Bacon, you need the compiled version. You may need to run the appropriate makefile in the src/plugins/bacon directory of this distribution to produce that file. This will create a directory in src/plugins/bacon called pluginfiles. Move the contents of that directory to src/cscience/components/cfiles.

If you want to use StratiCounter, you'll need to download the Matlab 2014b runtime available here

Although the installation instructions above focus on using a local mongodb server for data storage, it is possible to use CScience with a remote mongodb installation or with hbase. To use a remote mongodb server, edit the db_location and db_port variables in the src/ file to point to your remote database. To run against an hbase server, you will also need to install the happybase python package and change the db_type variable to hbase.