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An extension app for django-social-auth or django-allauth that fetches your friends from different social-networks. It displays matched friends so you can suggest your users to add them as friend or follow them.


To use it with django-social-auth

To use it with django-allauth

Back-end dependencies


There are 3 ways to install this app

pip install django-social-friends-finder

or build from the source.

python install

or add social_friends_finder to your path

Usage and Configuration

Add social_friends_finder to your APPS list in your settings file


Add urls to your url config

urlpatterns = patterns('',
    url(r'^find-friends/', include('social_friends_finder.urls')),

Optionally you can use following settings:

SF_REDIRECT_IF_NO_SOCIAL_ACCOUNT_FOUND: True if no social account found. Default is True
REDIRECT_URL: The url to redirect if above setting is used. Default is "/"

Go to /find-friends/list/ on your browser.


Currently there are facebook and twitter backends are available. Please help to implement new backends.

Implementing backend classes are easy. Just create a class inherits from BaseFriendsProvider and implement two of its methods. See backends module for example implementations

The software design for back-ends needs to be tweaked a little. Encapsulating the allauth and social-auth behaviors in different subclasses would help. Also a common interface for backends to load them silently is crucial. Now if there is a missing backend, we raise an error. Factory class that loads them is also very ugly.

I needed to implement this app for a real-world project with an impossible deadline, and now no time to refactor it. So if you can spend some time on the above issues, that'd be awesome.

Thanks lizrice for the django-allauth integration.

Change Log

See CHANGES.txt file for history