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Earthquake Info Skill

Earthquake Info reports the magnitude and location of several recent earthquakes near a particular city.


This is an Amazon Echo skill using the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) SDK, and can be easily deployed to AWS Lambda. The service does not report earthquakes with a magnitude less than 3.0, or earthquakes over X days.

Example Calls Using the Echo

Here are some sample conversations that you can have with Alexa.

Example 1

Alexa, start Earthquake Info.
Near what city do you want to search for earthquakes?
Wichita, Kansas
Two earthquakes near Wichita. A magnitude 3.1 near Anthony. A magnitude 3.7 near Medford.

Example 2

Alexa, ask Earthquake Info about Palm Springs.
One earthquake near Palm Springs. A magnitude 4.01 near Big Bear Lake.

Example 3

Alexa, ask Earthquake Info about San Francisco, California.
No earthquakes near San Francisco in the last 14 days.

Technologies Used

  • AWS Lambda. I deploy the source on Lambda because it's very low cost (1M calls per month free), scales easily, and configuration is simple.
  • Google Maps Geocoding API. This is used to convert a city location into coordinates.
    • NOTE: An API Key is required to use this service.
  • USGS Earthquake Catalog API. The USGS API tells us the earthquakes in a certain location and we can filter the results by using optional arguments in the API call.


Amazon Echo (Alexa) skill to read out recent earthquakes in the world




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