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Email Sensor for Home Assistant
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Home Assistant Email Sensor

Gets emails from IMAP and parses out any tracking numbers from FedEx, UPS, USPS, Rockauto, Newegg, B&H Photo, Paypal, eBay, DHL, Philips Hue, Google Express, Monoprice, and Ali Express. Goes well with the tracking-number-card for lovelace!

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  • Add the email folder in your custom_components folder
  - platform: email
    email: !secret my_email
    password: !secret my_email_password
  • If the component doesn't load this might be due to Home Assistant not installing the requirements automatically through the manifests file. You can install them manaually by running pip install beautifulsoup4==4.7.1 imapclient==2.1.0 mail-parser==3.9.3
  • If you use 2 factor authentication for Google you'll need to create an app password. See more details here


Name Type Requirement default Description
email string Required email address
password string Required email password
imap_server string Optional IMAP server address>
imap_port number Optional 993 IMAP port
folder string Optional INBOX Which folder to pull emails from
show_all boolean Optional false Show only unseen emails (default) or all emails from folder

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