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Light Entity Card

Control any light/switch entity through lovelace


For help, visit the light entity support thread here

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  • Works on any light and switch based entity
  • Toggle on/off
  • HS Color wheel
  • Color temperature and white value support
  • Support for configured language
  • Compact card support for grouped entities
  • use persist_features: true to always show entity features
  • use effects_list to add custom effects list or use input_select entity
  • always show or hide header and each input


Add through HACS

Issues with the installation should be asked in the Home Asssitant forums


type: custom:light-entity-card
entity: light.downstairs
type: custom:light-entity-card
entity: light.downstairs
  - effect1
  - effect2
type: custom:light-entity-card
entity: light.downstairs
effects_list: input_select.custom_effect_list
type: custom:light-entity-card
entity: light.downstairs
group: true


Name Type Requirement Default value Description
type string Required custom:light-entity-card
entity string Required The entity name of the light entity to control
shorten_cards boolean Optional false show a compact version of the card
consolidate_entities boolean Optional false if entity is a group you can consolidate all entities into one
persist_features boolean Optional false always show entity features
effects_list list/string/boolean Optional custom list of effects, an input_select entity, or set false to always hide
header string Optional custom header name
hide_header boolean Optional false hides the entity header of the card including toggle
brightness boolean Optional true show brightness slider if available
color_temp boolean Optional true show color temp slider if available
white_value boolean Optional true show white value slider if available
color_picker boolean Optional true show color picker wheel if available
full_width_sliders boolean Optional false makes slider the full width of card
brightness_icon string Optional weather-sunny change the brightness slider icon
white_icon string Optional file-word-box change the white slider icon
temperature_icon string Optional thermometer change the temperature slider icon
show_slider_percent boolean Optional false show percent next to sliders
smooth_color_wheel boolean Optional false smooth out color wheel for more colors
child_card boolean Optional false remove padding/margin to make this card within another card

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