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# 3.2.0 (2014-03-23) Final Release
Note: non-detailed changes from v3.1.0 to v3.2.0
* RARflix will work when myPlex is down - with the last known server(s)
* Filtering and Sorting
* full grid as Default View per section [optional]
* full grid inline sorting/filters using info (*) key
* WOL (Wake on LAN) -- h/t @Talidan.
* Put On Deck - use the info (*) key to see the option
* clock/date options : 12/24 hour clock + Date format/disable options
* description button in the dialog pop up to show the non truncated description.
* Include the ROLE of the cast member(s) if one exists ( Cast & Crew )
* global search: will now search shared servers ( only searched local/owned servers previously )
* complete rewrite of the Slide Show - moved from roSlideShow to roImageCanvas (can handle an arbitrary amount of items now) [WIP]
* shortcut for the Home Screen from a dialog (remote * key)
* Various Speed Improvements for the UI
* focus on last used section when starting - broke due to merger of official channel
* legacy remote: add a close button to the Reorder Screens
* advance to next episode automatically ( preplay screen )
* show preplay screen after direct play from grid
* channel content: excluded from showing preplay screen after watching if played from grid
* exit confirmation
* music: new rows "first letter" and "recently viewed"
* WOL - wake on lan options + keepalive
* New Playback Option (simplified): Shuffle, Continuous Play,
* Continuous [context] Play
* search methods added to the header row (any screen with headers)
* Cast & Crew focus on first row (proper fix)
* facade screens added for "quick" feedback
#3.1.21-DEV (2014-02-14) Public Release
NOTE: this includes all major changes from v3.1.0-final to v3.1.21-dev
* RARflix will work when myPlex is down ( one can enter and use the channel )
- add myPlex found servers to the server registry
- Always use myPlex servers if it's up (reachable)
- fall back to the last known server(s) we learned through myPlex
- if myPlex servers are down/unreachable or return invalid info
- if the internet connection is offline ( same as myPlex being unreachable )
* Full Grid inline Sorting [WIP]
- use all sorting options per section type
- save sorting type per section during the session
- works for all sections and their specific sort options
- default sort options : Preferences / Section Display / Sorting
- Title or Date Added ( these are supported in all sections )
- You can choose a more specific sort option in a full grid
* WOL (Wake on LAN) -- h/t @Talidan
- via preferences / Plex Media Server / Edit Server
NOTE: sometimes requests for the home screen info are sent before the server wakes. If you are missing rows, exit and re-enter the channel. This will hopefully be fixed soon.
* Put On Deck - use the info (*) key to see the option [WIP]
- how? sends a timeline (watched progress) to the PMS stating the item has been viewed for 10 seconds (minimum to put onDeck)
- if the item is already in progress, it will use the existing offset (not 10 seconds)
- works for movies
- works for TV episodes (should be known only one episode per show can actually be on deck)
* Clock/Date Options
- 12 and 24 hour clock
- add Date option to Home Screen ( toggle and format options - independent of the clock/time )
* Add a "Description" button to the dialog pop up to show the non truncated description.
* Include the ROLE of the cast member(s) if one exists ( Cast & Crew )
* global search: will now search shared servers ( only searched local/owned servers previously )
* Complete rewrite of the Slide Show - moved from roSlideShow to roImageCanvas (can handle an arbitrary amount of items now) [WIP]
- rewrote the loading of photo metadata (quicker and less memory use)
- PhotoPlayer (slideshow) will lazy load metadata and image content
- one can click next/previous while when 'showing' a single photo
- skip songs with fwd/rwd buttons when music is playing
- inline shuffle (info button)
- go to Now Playing (info button)
- hold down right/left to skip many photos at a time
- legacy remotes can use the OK button to bring up the dialog
- Underscan/Overscan slideshow options in Preferences (Monitor or TV)
- resume audio in a slideshow when playing a video over the top (remote control)
- start audio in the background (remote control)
- reload slideshow after complete ( if set in prefs ) allow every 300 seconds
- should fully function Plex Companion (remote client control)
- toggle overlay with down button (keeps state during slideshow)
- auto resume on re-activation (from Dialog and Now Playing screens)
- lots and lots more! At least 100+ hours put into this.. but this is pretty boring info isn't it!
NOTE: all previous functionality should exist including more, except for how the images scale on the screen. Since this slideshow has been written from the ground up, I don't' have access to Roku scaling features ( photo-fit, scale-to-fit, scale-to-fill, etc). As of now, all images will be "Scaled to Fit". This means NO cropping and not stretching. It will enlarge the scale the image to fit, I.E. enlarge or reduce in size to fit the screen. I have it on my list to look into a smart fit algorithm so we can maybe stretch images up to a certain percent to fit the screen, but that's for another day.
* shortcut for the Home Screen -- from a dialog (remote * key)
* Various Speed Improvements for the UI
* converted older API calls to new API calls that supports pagination properly (pretty big gain for large libraries)
* skip API requests if we already have an identical pending request
* full grid lazy loading (background timer)
* now playing api calls are no longer blocking ( had potential to delay UI response until completed)
* pause loading the parents grid items when we enter a new screen
* huge speed up for TV section, if TV Season Posters pref is enabled [default]
* fix possible slow downs when using multiple PMS servers with and without AuthTokens
- only use AuthToken for valid machineID - h/t Schuyler
############ Misc. fixes -- not to exciting
* focus on last used section when starting - broke due to merger of official channel
- changed logic to remember last used (actual entered section) vs just focusing on the library section
* Now Playing home screen row: some updates to allow audio in the now playing row (needs more work before it can be enabled)
* legacy remotes: add a close button to the Reorder Screens
* do not reload sections/shared sections or channels when there are multiple servers (stop random ordering of sections/content)
* Home Screen BoB (popout) toggle broken in v3.1.0
* some possible memory cleanup (Roku mentioned XML leaks)
* set screensaver background (canvas) black
* full grid items per row: items are now dynamically set for HD/SD screens per style
* possible crash when entering more screens from a search a search
* TV Episodic view force images ( blank images with digits no longer supported )
* Remove 'Dir:' from photo BoB
* screen saver image fixes (initial fix)
- images seems to only be saved in a springBoard (preplay screens)
- now we save whenever we focus on an image (gridscreen or posters)
- screensaver did not save images from the Home Screen (pre 3.1.2)
* other misc Fixes/Crashes/Changes not worth detailing
#3.1.4-internal - 3.1.7-internal (2014-02-01) -- still testing -- not available
* many changes (TODO) list them all when done
#3.1.3-DEV (2014-01-15) -- testing -- not available
* potential slowdown when using myPlex+local PMS not requiring authentication
* still function/start when myPlex is down. The last "known" myPlex found server(s) should still work
* TV Section grid speedups -- regression caused by TV Season posters
#3.1.2 (2014-01-13)
* remove 'Dir:' from title
* exclude non library content for screen saver ( icons: search, gear, etc )
* full grid fix for SD screens ( 4 rows )
* bug fix: two possible crashes when searching
#3.1.1 (2014-01-11)
* screen saver image fixes (initial fix)
- images seem to only be saved in a springBoard (preplay screens)
- now we save whenever we focus on an image (gridscreen or posters)
note: there may be other screens that need to save images.. todo later
* focus on last used section when starting - broke due to merger of official channel
* add a Description button to the Dialog Pop up to show the non truncated description
* include the ROLE of the cast member to the Cast & Crew screen
#3.1.0 (2014-01-08)
* merger of RARflixText & RARflix
* Plex Companion (remote/navigation control)
* Dynamic Watched Status Overlay
- check mark for watched items
- percentage for partially watched items
* Marking TV Shows as Watched/Unwatched (* remote key)
- Mark an Entire Season
- Mark an Entire Show
* bugfixes
#3.0.18-internal (2014-01-08)
* hide the Now Playing button when we just started the AudioPlayer ( we are technically in the now playing context )
* Now Playing Audio Screen did not refresh properly when stopping music remotely ( companion controls )
* fixes bug when audio loops ( tracks do not update properly )
* When a videos duration is missing, only query it directly if it's library content
#3.0.17-test (2014-01-04)
* Now Playing Audio Screen :: always start with context of playing track ( not the last viewed ) --
* ability to hide shared library content on HomeScreen OnDeck/RecentlyAdded --
* reload any server on the homescreen ( not just the owned ones ) -- refresh items on homescreen
* do not allow channel content to use the 'TV Series' Grid Mode -- fix crash with SSplex when TV Series Grid is enabled
* SD screen channel icons were broken
#3.0.16-test (2014-01-03)
* Merge DEV to Test ( DEV channel no longer updated )
* Overlays extended to the RARflixTest channel
* code/logic clean - getSectionType can use the m.Home object
* Full Grid potentially used extra invalid keys
* Episodes/Clips will use a 16x9 or 4x3 Thumb depending on the corresponding size ( not true anymore - 16x9 always )
-- bugfix issue: -- also allows the springBoard to use dynamic 16x9/4x3 thumbs
-- reverted: all episode/clip content will be 16x9 for now.
* Full Grid from Home Screen info button didn't work (regression in Test/Dev channel only)
* remove dupe audioPlayer call
* code cleanup
* Disable FULL Grid for Channel Content (bugfix) -- resolves captcha issue with ICEfilms and other channels
* Enable Scrobbling for TV Shows
- Scrobble Entire Season
- Scrobble Entire Show
- Refresh display correctly after scrobble
#3.0.15-dev (2013-12-30)
* speed up initial loading of channel -- only check online servers for the tools.. and ONLY once
* facade screen for the user selection/pin screen
* overlay changes -- backend prep work for checkmarks
* tv series posters missing indicator overlay ( e.g. TV Sections: All Shows )
* multi-profile fast switching fix
* User Selection did not change myPlex user
#3.0.12-dev (2013-12-28)
* Remote Logging fixed
#3.0.11-dev (2013-12-28)
* RARflixTools check could crash the channel
#3.0.10-dev (2013-12-28)
* shot in the dark for a possible crash
#3.0.9-dev (2013-12-28)
* rebuild overlay and refresh on item scrobble (watched/unwatched)
* bugfix (PMS) - sometimes a video item is missing the duration. This will cause the timeline to fail which in the end will not log the play. If this happens, we need to query the video item directly for the d
#3.0.8-dev (2013-12-27)
* RARflixTools (
* Initial release with Watched/Progress indicators ( poster overlay )
#3.0.7 (2013-12-25)
* shuffle play for video/audio crashed channel.
#3.0.6 (2013-12-24)
* lock screen broke after the 2.8.2 PlexTest merge.
* hide screens below lockscreen on exit (privacy)
* photo channels ( crashed -- they don't contain expected EXIF data
* other misc fixes
#3.0.5 (2013-12-23)
* exclude additional channels when searching cast & crew
#3.0.4 (2013-12-23)
* MyPlex content could crash on resume (offset is flaky)
#3.0.3 (2013-12-23)
* myPlex content could crash video player -- timelines are now valid and resume points work.
#3.0.2 (2013-12-22)
* merge of PlexTest 2.8.2 changes ( includes remote control updates )
#3.0.1 (2013-12-20)
* Customer Rows could cause a crash when hidden
#3.0.0 (2013-12-17)
* RARflix/RARflixTest merger ( includes v2.8.4 - v2.9.9 )
#2.9.9-test -- internal
#2.9.8-test (2013-12-15)
* crash: now playing + channel content
#2.9.7-test (2013-12-14)
* crash: channel content ( poster screens ) when 'content is unavailable' -- the new screen with no content was never closed
* crash: properly handle when content 'year' is empty/invalid
* crash: devour channel (others) & now playing -- properly handle when a video.description is invalid/empty
* fixed: custom icons font size -- mainly done on the backend ( text should fit better )
#2.9.6-test (2013-12-13)
* Various channel content failed to play (SS-Plex)
* Posters size wrong for sub channel sections
* Crash: extra precautions for the now playing check
#2.9.5-test (2013-12-10)
* Rotten Tomatoes caching updates -- using round robin DNS ( no need to ELB )
#2.9.4-test (2013-12-09)
* Some posterScreen item do not need to be refreshed (yet) -- channel/music/photo content
* Do not prepend show title to episode title unless we are really 'mixed' (multiple parent shows)
* URL cleanup - could have affected channel content
#2.9.3-test (2013-12-09)
* URL cleanup - fixes various possible crashes
* crash: forcing direct play + subtitles
#2.9.2-test (2013-12-09)
* crash showing a single photo
#2.9.1-test (2013-12-07)
* crash trying to set a PIN code on SD screens
#2.9.0-test (2013-12-06)
* Original Theme
- dialog text was hard to read on the Original theme
- User Switch icon was wrong on home screen ( original theme only )
* Release Notes screen is now a scrollable paragraph with all release notes (firmware 4.3+)
#2.8.9-dev (2013-12-05)
* Rotten Tomatoes performance
- stage one: cache data in current screen. Do not re-query rotten tomatoes on every click right/left if already loaded.
- stage two: Rotten Tomatoes Proxy server added - maintained by me thanks to AWS+Squid
* v2.8.8 regressions fixes
- image size issues on springboard - we will no always use a 'larger' images than the grid for the SpringBoard
- images were not refreshed correctly from Episode Details Screen (springboard) to Episode List Screen (posterscreen)
- other image logic cleanup
#2.8.8-dev (2013-12-04)
* Slideshow Overlay
- it was lonely (top left: date of photo, top right: count - 1 of 100, body: Title of photo)
- overlay toggle (down button) is now more reponsive. It can be toggled frequently on the current image.
* Cast & Crew
- cast & crew search screen didn't use the preferred Grid Style (Portrait).
- removed "clips" from Cast & Crew search. The clip results were invalid.
- focus the first row on a Cast & Screen search after selecting a cast member. (fix for real this time)
* Misc Fixes
- larger BoB (grid description background) used on screens when it shouldn't have been.
- tv episodic view will show episode images instead of number (unfocused content).
- trailer thumbnails on poster screen should use landscape instead of portrait.
- crash: when pressing play on remote from a photo directory, whose children are also all directories.
- some images would break after being refresh (missing authtoken). This would cause broken images (gray poster) or the image would gray/broken and reappear.
- current bandwidth under remote/local settings will not show invalid if empty
- current bandwidth will show mbps > 999kbps
#2.8.7-dev (2013-12-03)
* Fix Images Sizes (globally) - the Roku specifically wants images of a certain size or it has to resize internally
- custom icons will now use the correct size based on the Screen Style (grid/poster screens)
- all over icons/images/thumbnails will use the correct size based on the Screen Style
- changes above should speed up the display (roku will not have to internally resize images 99% of the time)
* Music Section Style ( on the list to make this a toggle, no eta )
- change from flat-square (the tiny 7x3 row) to flat-landscape (5x3 row)
- all subsections in music library section will use the 5x3 now. Before it was "random"
* TV Season Posters ( when using TV Seasons Posters vs the TV Show Poster )
- TV Season Posters: In some scenarios the Season poster was being used when it should have been the actual episode thumb
- TV Season Posters: sometimes the parentThumb (season thumb) isn't exposed via the PMS API. Query the API for it.
* Grid Description background (BoB) was too short in the new Portrait mode (roku bug) - text could overflow. Fixed with custom background
* Toggle added to change "Grid Updates/Speed"
- default is FULL ( what people should use )
- Partial will only reload the focused item
- Partial will be less dynamic but very quick -- I would suggest not to use this unless needed
* Grid Reloading (slow grid screen issues) logic updated again ( will yet again improve the speed of the grid )
- Always full reload the onDeck row
- Only do a full reload once every 90 seconds. You can now enter focused item and return to grid without speed issues. Same goes for using the * remote key.
- Check the focused item index against the PMS api. If keys do not match, a full reload will be forced (even before the 90 seconds) - Usually due to marking an item as watched/unwatched or newly scanned items are inserted
- Full Grid screens will always get a full reload. It's fast enough since it only load 5 items per row
* HUD would show "invalid" when originallyAvailableAt (Release Date) was empty. Display the Year or leave it empty if invalid.
* TV Episodes Screen
- TV Series episodes: use 16x9 for thumbs instead of 4x3. Toggle created, end user can change between 4x3 or 16x9
- Toggle to show Episode Images instead of a "blank images with a number" for unfocused episodes
#2.8.6-test (2013-12-01)
Grid Changes - Display Modes and Styles
* TV/Movie Posters should fit the Orange Focus Box (better)
* Addition to Grid Style/Size Toggle: "Portrait (tall)" fit's the Plex Movie Posters better ( when used with Grid Display Mode: Photo )
* Toggle to 'hide' the Text above each row while in a Full Grid ( header rows text: 1-5 of 250 ... 1-5 )
* Photo section now defaults to landscape (Grid: 5x3) -- used to be 'landscape 16x9'
* Toggle to change photo sections from landscape to Portrait/Landscape/Landscape 16x9
* Fix: Grid Style/Size toggle only affected the Full Grid. Now it toggles Grids for Movies/Shows
Use Season Poster when viewing a season/episode ( recently added, recently releases, on deck, etc.. )
* Toggle allowed to set it back to 'Show'
* Official Channel only allowed 'Show'
Firmware 3.x bugfixes ( first gen roku )
* more button was hidden ( only have 5 buttons to work with instead of 6 )
* crash on * remote key - firmware didn't allow for button separator in dialog
* now playing dialog notification crash
#2.8.5-test (2013-11-12)
* transcode session info ( video: [copy|convert] audio: [copy|convert] ) missing from HUD
* initial release of "lock screen"
- any user navigation action is NON idle
- videos/slideshow playing is NON idle
- music: you can toggle music events as NON idle/idle ( track changes )
* enable/disable grid pop out ( item description ) per section type: home, movie, show, music, photo , others (channels)
* movie trailer code cleanup ( required for the lock screen addition )
- First trailer will now automatically play. You can change behavious in Prefs.
- only 10 trailers will be shown on the poster screen
* speed improvements for paginated dataloader modified again ( change from v2.8.4 ) - when re-loading grid rows
- load up to 8 items in the first 10 rows when first entering a grid screen
- OnDeck and any "Unwatched" row will be fully reloaded when re-entering grid from a child screen ( and focused )
#2.8.4-test (2013-11-12)
Fast User Switching:
* User Profile Switch item/icon added to the home screen misc row when multiUser is enabled ( will not be displayed if multi-user is disabled - I.E. no profile enabled )
* Toggle: user selection icon - purple (roku) / orange (plex)
* 3 New TV Rows/Grid options ( re-order rows to use them )
- Recently Added Seasons
- Unwatched Recently Released
- Unwatched Recenlty Added
* Initial release of "Shuffle Play" for Videos
* HUD time/endtime/watched updated on start
* HUD time/endtime/watched updated when paused
Photos (slideshow)
* Toggle to change "display mode" of photos in slideshow/single view ( how the image scales/crops/fits when displayed )
* Toggle to change "display mode" of photos thumbnail image
* Toggle to 'reload' slideshow after completion. I.E. check for new photos after every run
* slideshow didn't start at the right offset when selected from the photoSpringboard
Fixing Lag - Grid Optimiziations
* speed improvements for paginated dataloader - trade offs included - when re-loading grid rows
- basically - do not fully reload focused row and do not invalidate every out of focus row
- load the next out of screen row ( first 8 items )
- reload selected item ONLY ( in every row )
- OnDeck will always be fully reloaded ( it's normally small in size and is more dynamic then others )
* Toggle: Initial release of GLOBALLY disabling the Grid POP Out ( description bubble on bottom left ) : prefs / section display / grid pop out
* timestamp logging ( if time stamp is not logged, it's due to temporary debug messages - disregard )
* cleanup now playing buttons ( do not show when already in now playing )
* remote (*) key after music was started/stopped did not bring up option for full grid ( in music section )
* more speed fixes for paginated loader
* hide invalid rows when there are NO Servers configured ( GDM disabled, myPlex disabled, no manual servers) - Help Screen updated to give info how to fix
* do not check for now playing content when server doesn't support it
* crash: checking metadata of some channel content
* crash: some channel videos do not have a duration
* disable full grid for sub channel content - not supported for channel content due to a limitation of the PMS
* HUD watched time not working on some channel content
* screensaver fixed ( affected v2.8.3 ) - @wagnerscastle
#2.8.3 (2013-11-03)
* RARflix & RARflixTest are in sync
* Now Playing+Nofifications released to main channel
* fix: crash when (*) button on remote was pressed in a channel ( youtube, apple movie trailers, etc )
* fix: focus the first row when Cast & Crew is searched. sometimes sub rows were focused and it was not known one could page up
* fix: crash from cast & crew screen
* Hide Cast & Crew for media other than Movie/TV - it's not supported
#2.8.2 (2013-11-03)
* Removed HUD from paused screen. It caused issues with harmony remotes
#2.8.1 (2013-10-29)
* multi-user increased from 4 users profiles to 8 user profiles. @wagnerscastle
* cloud sync is now an available 'owned' server. We need to skip checking 'now playing' and 'channels'. These endpoints do not exist at (yet?)
* fix: Can get stuck in retry loop. Back button now closes the PIN entry screen and returns. @wagnerscastle
* fix: Roku does not handle HTTPS urls for images ( cloudsync )
* fix: custom icons when using cloud sync
#2.8.0 (2013-10-29)
* User Profiles: multi-user support ( fast user switching ). Many thanks @wagnerscastle
* Show user selection again before exiting the channel ( when multi-user is enabled )
* Security PIN on startup ( multi-user supported ). h/t @wagnerscastle
* use a black loader for grid screen ( fixes the grey poster flash you see when loading items). Thanks for updating the DOCS @Roku:
* focus on the first item in a full grid ( requested for music -but- used on all sections )
* Fix: crash when seeking music ( only when music metadata doesn't include the duration - normally when music scanner hasn't completed )
* Fix: focus of the last section used was not working correctly ( also multi-user supported now )
#2.7.9 (2013-10-23)
* fix crash from posterRefresh ( cast & crew )
* disable Ful Grid option from * option key for search screens ( they are invalid )
* fullgrid context - clicking left and right in springboard started back on first item
#2.7.8 (2013-10-22)
* new: show HUD when the pause button is clicked (video)
* new: paginated data loader (how the rows are loaded) is a bit more optimized
You may have noticed major delay with clicking buttons ( should be fixed)
-- now it does not reload already loaded rows that are out of view
* Prefs: User Toggles to changes how images are displayed on the screen ( home screen and sections )
* Music: clean music title: never prepend artist/album to track titles
* Music: remove "new" buttons for shuffle/loop from springboard until further testing
* Photos: * remote key now shows photo information for the selected photo ( in grid -or- slideshow when audio is not playing )
* Photos: added EXIF data ( whatever PMS allowed for ) to the photo description popout, springboard and Photo Dialog (* key)
* Photos: there can be a mix of photos and sub directories. When a slideshow was played with a mix of both, there were anomalies.
Sub directories are now skipped with slideshow start. If you want to play a slideshow of the subdirectory, then enter it and start a slideshow.
* Photos: the popout will show the item is a directory or include the exif info of a photo ( easier to decipher what you are focused on )
* Photos: breadcrumbs should look a little better when browsing deep in the grid of photos
* Music+Photos: pause button on remote will pause/play both music/slideshow
* Video: episodes list will be updated with progress/watched status
* Fix: delete button back to TV shows
* Fix: playback options is back for Videos ( missing on various screens )
* Fix: audio dialog was missing the photo title when slideshow was playing
* fix: crash when PMS gives in invalid response/timeout to api call
* fix: crash when playing item directly from grid ( photos )
* fix: during a notification while paused, it should not longer start the paused video
note: when a video is paused with the OK button, the notification will not work (fix coming)
#2.7.7 -- internal release
#2.7.6 -- internal release
#2.7.5 (2013-10-19)
* screensaver background is now black
#2.7.4 (2013-10-19)
* breadrumbs fix for music full grid
* rogue music genres were once again making their way on the roku in the full grid
* please wait screen show when loading more than 300 items
* left/right button in springBoard loads all content "correctly" while in FULL Grid mode ( allows moving more than 5 items )
* slideshow - fix play all content when in subsections ( only loaded the default 5 )
* loading zero results in a grid screen could cause a crash later and anomalies
#2.7.3 (2013-10-18)
* lazy load photo section in full grid
* load all context when playing from full grid
* load all context when clicking left/right in details screen ( you can now view more than the 5 item limit)
* some preferences being overwritten when starting the channel
# 2.7.0-test (2013-10-18)
### Major changes
* full grid
* black theme
* custom thumbs
* 6 buttons
* music changes
### Detailed Changes
# full grid
* initial release of 'full' grid
* toggle for preferring "poster" or a "full" grid when applicable ( this is how you turn off the full grid )
* sub section row [header row] added to top the grid screen. click up to see it
* custom rows (unwatched recently released/added rows) are now in the header section
* toggle: size of perferred grid size ( 5x2 [default] or 7x3 )
* dynamically update breadcrumbs for full grid ( what a headache )
* play slideshow from the full grid ( by default slideshow would only include content one row - 5 items - now all )
* allow the full grid from the home screen ( option key )
* hide items in header row based 'hide rows' set in prefs
* re-order header row based on 'row order' set in prefs
* pagination updates: load all rows/items in full grid while viewing photo section: required for slideshow
* for all other full grid sections - load 20 rows at a time instead of the default 2. *should* give a better ux when scrolling down and in general
# misc changes (you can see)
* 5x2 screen posters are now scaled to fill
* search screen default is now 5x2 and scale-to-fill
* fix flashing between screens (remove facade screen on gridscreen creation)
# full grid caveats
* disable full grid for: channels (apps) pms does not support paginated requests
* disable full grid for: app directory pms does not support paginated requests
* disable full grid for: season view (episodes) -- requires episodic display
* disable full grid for: music tracks -- requires episodic display
# custom thumbs (text description)
* use cutsom thumbs for items that normally use a generic one ( sub sections )
* dynamically created on the fly for any title
* server generated thumbs is located @ amazon using the cloudfront cdn ( fast and resilient )
* your local pms will cache the generated thumb on the first download
* toggle: enable/disable custom images
* toggle: change colors of overlay (text)
# themes
* initial black theme created [ default ]
* new images created for black theme ( some required just a background color update )
* toggle for theme ( original / black)
* button highlight text: plex orange ( for all screens )
* dialog title/text: fixed to fit the dark theme and normal theme
# tv & movies screen
* we can now show 6 buttons!
* add buttons (cast & crew, season, all seasons) to tv and movies when applicaable
# music
* direct play from music album ( with play button on remote )
* denres wrong. use new filtering calls for music genres ( only include artist genres )
* do not append watched status for music (albums)
* displayed music artist - toggle for display: track / album / track when various
* allow left/right buttons in song details without playing the song if it's not the current song playing
* fwd/rwd buttons will not seek 10 seconds fwd/rwd in the now playing screen
* option key brings up the loop/shuffle dialog in now playing screen
* option key gives button link to 'now playing' when the view song is not the one playing
* fix/cleanup logic when to display the audio dialog
* do not show default search dialog with remote option key when in a 'music' section or subsection
* update breadcrumbs "correctly" now playing screen
* buttons for loop and shuffle on the details screen (where you see play/pause/etc) -- 6 buttons allowed now
* buttons will update when play state changes ( more of a fix for the additional buttons )
* remote arrow buttons will not play the next or previous song automatically ( you can choose when to play now )
* fwd/rwd remote buttons will fwd/rwd 10 seconds ( beta and can cause a crash as the audioplayer still has bugs -- roku issue)
# other misc fixes and changes
* update breadcrumbs when play button is click for non playable item
* direct play from section directories: photos and music albums
* had regression with some update: last focused section on entering channel ( should be fixed for good )
* text summary removed info dialog (to many buttons to display text)
* do not log/pring any messages internally unless logging has been enabled (save some cpu cycles)
* dependent toggles will now be hidden ( if parent is disable) in rarflix prefs.
* add server name to the channel directory description
# 2.6.19-dev (2013-10-09 - 2013-10-15)
Date: Tue Oct 15 17:21:06 2013 -0700
* CUSTOM thumbs displayed for items that normally use a generic one ( sub sections )
* Add custom rows (movie unwatched) into the header row [full grid options].
* Re-order header row to user prefs
* Hide items in header row based on prefs
Date: Mon Oct 14 23:53:44 2013 -0700
* Added sub section row [renamed to header row internally] to the TOP of the grid screen :: focus on row 2 to hide it
* Toggle to change of full grid. ( default is 5x2 )
* Breadcrumb magic for Full Grid View
* Direct play from section directories: Photos and Music Albums
* Ability to play slideshow when in current screen is in FULL grid mode ( have to grab the context from every row )
* Disabled options key to view full grid from "section" items
* Do not show 'Full Grid' button in option dialog when one is already in full grid
* Fix: Regression with last focused section on entering channel ( should be fixed for good )
Date: Sun Oct 13 23:10:11 2013 -0700
* Initial Release of 'FULL' Grid
* Text summary removed info dialog (to many buttons)
* Disable full grid for: Channels (apps). PMS does not support limited results
* Disable full grid for: season view (episodes) -- required episodic display
* Disable full grid for: music tracks. Above applies
* Toggle for perferring "poster" or a "full" grid view when applicable.
* Allow the Full grid from the home screen ( option key )
* Music: Genres wrong. Use new filtering calls for music genres ( only include Artist Genres )
Date: Fri Oct 11 17:00:04 2013 -0700
* initial black theme added
* toogle for theme added
* Update breadcrumbs when play button is click for non playable item
* fix crash when play button is click on "tv season" poster
* Music: do not append watched status for music (albums)
* Music: Displayed Music Artist - Toggle for display: Track / Album / Track when Various
* Music: Allow left/right buttons in Song Details without playing the song if it's NOT the current song playing
* Music: fwd/rwd buttons will not seek 10 seconds fwd/rwd in the Now Playing screen
* Music: option key brings up the Loop/Shuffle dialog in Now Playing screen
* Music: option key gives button link to 'now playing' when the view song is NOT the one playing
* Music: fix/cleanup logic when to display the Audio Dialog
## end
# 2.6.18-dev -- many updates... will list in 2.6.19
# 2.6.17-test (2013-10-09)
- Disable THEME music for now due to bug ( you can re-enable if you'd like ) bugtrack: Roku Forums :: Plex Forums
- Update Poster item when marking a movie/episode as watched ( you can now mark content as watched/unwatched from poster screens)
- Multiple Now Playing notifications (back to back) would cause navigation issues/weirdness
- Now Playing Poster was changing to "Show" poster during progress updates - instead of the "Original Episode" (on details screen)
- Include percentage watched for Now Playing items
### v2.6.15 (2013-10-05) Final Release (merge of RARflixTest)
- [merge of RARflixTest v2.6.16-1 without Now Playing Notifications]
- Disable THEME music for now due to bug ( you can re-enable if you'd like ) bugtrack: Roku Forums :: Plex Forums
- Update Poster item when marking a movie/episode as watched ( you can now mark content as watched/unwatched from poster screens)
### v2.6.16-test-2 (2013-10-05) (silent update)
* isRFtest() added - allow RARflix/RARflixTest to stay more in sync
- Test/Dev options will just be limited if the appName is RARflix
### v2.6.16-test-1 (2013-10-05) (silent update)
* Cast & Crew from a TV Series form the global now playing returned no results
* Now Playing dialogs would sometimes leave invalid screens
* Remote Option Key ( * ) is now valid from posterScreens (episodes, seasons, etc)
* Remote Option Key will now bring up a global search instead of the prefs (when there isn't a special option)
* Everyone can have a Global OnDeck ( this means you shared users )
* Now Playing: slow buffering would could cause a crash if you tried to view the Now Playing section ( viewOffset is invalid )
### v2.6.16-test (2013-10-04)
* Notification updates
- First off -- we have Now Playing notifications in the channel!
- Show multi notifications in the HUD - instead of one after another
- Show multi notifications in the Dialog ( next/previous buttons )
- Dialog Notification has a button to show All now playing items ( item selected from dialog will be initially shown of course ) AND left/right buttons work to switch between them
- Toggles: only show start, stop or all notifications
- Toggles: only show notification when playing a video, not playing a video, both or disable them completely
### v2.6.15-test (2013-10-03)
* Cast and Crew re-wrote
- Grid Screen is displayed for the selected cast member ( includes movies/shows/supported channel content/etc )
- It will resemble the search function - excluding the actor link since that's a little redundant
- If using a PMS server > - you can view the cast and crew directly from TV shows/episode/seasons
- The way the cast & crew are queried has been updated - should display "more" cast & crew members ( depends on your own metadata )
* Now Playing - many updates and fixes
- Will support all "owned/local" servers
- Periodically refreshes the Now playing row and the Now Playing Details Screen with the progress
- Will display the user has stopped watching the content on the Video Details screen
- Option to Resume Video when remote user has stopped the content
- other misc bugs and cleanup for now playing
### v2.6.14-test (2013-10-01)
* Now Playing section on Home Screen
* Now Playing: Sync play with remote user (this only starts the video at the offset of the remote user)
When the sync button is clicked, the most recent offset is queries and used
### v2.6.13 (2013-10-01) Final Release (merge of RARflixTest)
### 2.6.13-test-2 (2013-09-29) - to update on forums
* Photo Section: default to landscape instead of portrait (movie posters)
* Photo Sectino: use Photo-Fit
* Toggle for the UP Button behavious. What to do when you hit up on the top row ( only works on screens with rows )
* Include the watched time on the HUD
### 2.6.13-test-2 (2013-09-29) - to update on forums
* Toggle to Prefer user Ratings over Default, only show user ratings or just use the Original Default
* Music ratings are now displayed correctly
* Include Date Added for music
### 2.6.13-test-1 (2013-09-29)
* Fixed some logic with the Audio Dialog buttons when playing slideshow
* focus last selection from the Audio Dialog
* keep the button selected in focus on the SpringBoard screens ( Video Details/ Photo Details/ etc)
* Focus on the first unwatched item - this can be toggles in rarflix prefs
### 2.6.13-test (2013-09-28)
* Fixed crash with Cast & Crew from other areas than the Video Details
* Added Pause All/Resume All on Audio Dialog with Playing a slideshow
* Updated the Audio Dialog with more information - Artist/Album/Year
* Show File name in Audio Dialog with playing a slide show
### 2.6.12-test-2 (2013-09-27)
* Complete re-write of adding cutom rows ( currenlty the 2 "unwatched" rows for movies )
* Re-write of Hiding Rows:
- One can hide Recently Added, Recently Released/Aired rows per section type [movie,show,music]
* New unwatched rows now have a limit of 200 items
- toggle to change limit in rarflix prefs
* other misc cleanup
### 2.6.12-test-1 (2013-09-26)
* (*) other items not handled, having their own specific dialog for the info key will bring up the Main Preferences screen
* (*) "Info Button" added to other areas ( movie or tv types )
- Global OnDeck and Recently Added
- Movie Section
- TV Section
* Toggle for Critics/Audience Score: also display a * on the rating if the score used is not the preferred rating
### 2.6.12-test (2013-09-25)
* Update breadcrumb on the Global (home screen) Recently Added content.
* (*) "Info Button" now works in Video Details Screen
- It will activate the "more..." button dialog
- In the dialog, the (*) will close dialog
- Initial addition, so let me know your thoughts
* Cast and Crew for Movies: Check out the MORE button / "Cast & Crew"
- Display a list of Actors/Directors/Producers and Writers for selected Movie
- Persons poster will be displayed if your PMS has a URL for them (depends on the scaper)
- Select a person to get a list of movies/content with them
- Listed content will show Server/Section name on the top right
- NOTE: people searches only work in the PMS by sections for now
This also doesn't work for TV shows yet. That's a PMS thing..
* Trailers: multiple enhancements
- Play All Button (plays from selected video to the end of the list)
- Navigation - You can click left/right in the Video Details Screen for the previous or next trailer
- Video Length is now available. HUD has End Time & Time Watched
- Directly Play a video in the list with the Play Button
- Breadcrumbs are now updated ( empty before )
* Toggle to search Trailers/Rotten Tomatoes by Title or ORIGINAL title [default: title]
* Remote Logging: If enabled, they will not go to PlexServers any more.
- I suggest to never use this unless you are testing with me
* Show the option to Hide Rows in the preferred Row Order
* Fix: updated logic in the more dialog for mark was watched/unwated; only show watched/unwatched when it make sense!
* Fix: Breadcrumbs updated when selecting "All Seasons of {ShowTitle}" or "Season {#}" insead of just diplaying "Series"
* Fix: Recently Added (unwatched), Recently Released (unwatched) rows could not be hidden
* Fix: Depending on how one entered a TV Episode, the more button wouldn't exist due to data missing from the PMS response. We now obtain the needed info another way when missing.
### 2.6.11-test
* RARflix Preferences section: my mods that haven't made it into the Official Channel will usually be here
* Hide Rows: you can now hide rows instead of reordering them, which you can still do too. ( not per section though )
* Ability to toggle all modes ( well most of them )
* TV Titles watched status: will include (watched) or ( # of # watched) or (#) for TV shows. Not really new, but some fixes added and of course a Toggle to turn it off
* Toggle for the Clock
* Added 2 more rows: (only applies to movies) -- TV is possible, but the PMS is currently way to slow to filter results
1) Recenlty Released (unwatched)
2) Recenlty Added (unwatched)
* HUD: display current time and time watched when video duration is unavailable ( usually queue videos, some channels, trailers )
* SlideShow Overlay toggle: toggle for text overlay during slideshow (down button) -- request
* Merged Schuyler's updates from the PlexTest (v2.6.9) channel: http://forums.plexap...ku/#entry465759
* fix: Remove "invalid" from HUD when Release Date is unavailable ( usually queue videos, some channels, trailers )
* fix: Ability to delete queue items (only affected rarflix/rarflixtest )
* fix: When browsing the global on deck (non shared users) entering a movie would allow you to click left or right.
If the next option was not a movie, you were given the option to "play" the content which would result in a crash.
Now we just limit the ability to click left or right - not really a complete fix, but will stop an accidental crash.
(bug seen in official channel too)
* fix: Crash when clicking the play button on a Photo folder (bug was only present in rarflixtest)
### 2.6.9 Initial RARflix Version Release
* changes in the forums.. to add later
* breadcrumbs: the TOP Right area of the screen, says something like "Movies * Recently Added"