Jupyter notebook containing a lesson on encoding and decoding text.
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Encoding and decoding when working with text

Written by Leon Liang, with contributions from Laura K. Nelson

There is a lot written on encoding and decoding text, but I couldn't find anything that I found suitable for teaching these issues to non-computer science majors.

This repository contains a modified version of a lecture given in my course "Text Analysis for Digital Humanitsts and Social Scientists", taught at UC-Berkeley in Spring 2017 through the History Department. My wonderful TA Leon Liang wrote the notebook I used for the lecture, and I modified it for public use here.

This repository can be used as a lesson to teach non-computer scientsits about encoding and decoding text. It contains two Jupyter notebooks, one with the exercises left blank, and one with the exercise solutions. It also contains an image folder with a few images used in the notebooks, and a data folder containing three sample texts for use in the exercises.

Please use and modify as it fits your needs!

Leon Liang is a recent graduate from the University of California, Berkeley. He majored in engineering, math, and stats with an emphasis in computer science. He has a strong interest in data science and machine learning. During his years at Cal, he participated in undergraduate research involving classification of supernovas and computer vision. He also got involved with the Berkeley Institute for Data Science and helped with the development of the data science connector courses.