Perl implementation of SPDY protocol (draft 3)
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This is Net::SPDY module.

It provides a SPDY protocol implementation.

Please read carefully: This is an ALPHA stage software.  In particular this
means that even though it probably won’t kill your cat, re-elect George W. Bush
nor install Solaris 11 Express edition to your hard drive, it is in
active development, functionality is missing and no APIs are stable.

See TODO file in the distribution to learn about missing and planned
functionality. You are more than welcome to join the development and submit
patches with fixes or enhancements.  Bug reports are probably not very useful
at this point.

To build it follow the usual Module::Build convention:

$ perl
# ./Build
# ./Build install

The build script will issue a warning when any of required modules is
missing or wrong version.

See the POD documentation for more information (on how to use the module,
licensing, copyright, etc.):

$ perldoc Net::SPDY::Session

Before installing the module, you can do:

$ perldoc lib/Net/SPDY/

Wed Nov 28 2012 Lubomir Rintel