AI Reader for Machine Learning for Hackers #7
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This code will reword an input phrase from the user using Google's Parsey McParseface parser. More information can be found in the original repo. This the code for 'Build an AI Reader' on Youtube


  • Python 2.7 - (
  • bazel - instructions here
  • swig brew install swig
  • protobuf pip install -U protobuf==3.0.0b2
  • asciitree pip install -U protobuf==3.0.0b2
  • numpy pip install numpy

Use pip to install any missing dependencies

Basic Usage

Step 1 - Build from source

  cd syntaxnet/tensorflow
  cd ..
  bazel test syntaxnet/... util/utf8/...
  # On Mac, run the following:
  bazel test --linkopt=-headerpad_max_install_names \
    syntaxnet/... util/utf8/...

Step 2 - Run the demo class with an input phrase of your choice

cd syntaxnet
python find me a restaurant in san francisco

Sample output:

Intent is: discover restaurant


Credit for the vast majority of code here goes to The SyntaxNet team at Google. I've merely created a wrapper around some of the important functions to get people started.