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@@ -13,5 +13,20 @@ You have to define at least 3 things in your settings
Those two are optional
- mongo.username = username for authentication to the db
- mongo.password = password used for authentication to the db
+ mongo.username.dbname = username for authentication to dbname
+ mongo.password.dbname = password used for authentication to dbname
+Mongodb uri format
+The format of the mongodb uri is the one that use mongodb. You can pass
+multiple uris to mongo.uri. They must be separated by newlines and they
+must be uniques. MongoDb will not accept two identical uri. But it will
+accept uris reffering to the same host and same server if hostnames are
+not identical.
+ mongo.uri = localhost
+Is something valid and will work. Connection will open 2 connections on the
+default port.

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