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Before use authenticator, user must install md5 plugins to wordpress.


##Require library

  1. LuaDBI with MySQL.
  2. Wordpress must install MD5 Password Hashes.

##How to use

  1. Copy mod_auth_wordpress.lua to prosody plugins folder.

  2. Add authentication to VirtualHost and change mysql configuration to wordpress database.

    VirtualHost "sample.com"
      authentication = "wordpress";
      wordpress = {
        host = "localhost";
        port = 3306;
        database = "wordpress";
        username = "username";
        password = "password";
        prefix = "wp_";
  3. If you want to use groups with Wordpress UAM Plugins, enable wordpress_mysql_groups in VirtualHost.

    VirtualHost "sample.com"
      wordpress = {
        groups = true;
  4. Restart prosody.

#Darwin Calendar Server

##How to use

  1. Copy wordpress.py and wordpressmysql.py to twistedcaldav/directory directory in calendar server library directory.

  2. Add wordpress directory service in caldavd.plist like below.

    <!-- WordPress MySQL Directory Service -->
  3. Restart calendar server.

##How to test

  1. Copy wordpress*.py and test/test_wordpress*.py to CalendarServer-2.4/twistedcaldav/directory
  2. Run ./test twistedcaldav.directory.test.test_wordpressdirectory or twistedcaldav.directory.test.test_wordpressmysqldirectory