Rough translation of Aion 6.0. Being worked on and improved as time goes on.
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Every Wednesday Aion Korea pushes out maintenance. Please keep an eye out for 6.0 translation updates here every week (few days is preferred) so you don't have missing text or malfunctioning UI. Every week since 6.0 so far they have added content that I add after translation.


Using this translation breaks a lot of the quest locating features. Normal /where works fine but using the locate button on the quest dialogs will usually return "Hard to find". Use Korean dialog in the mean time if you are questing.
I am actively working on this amongst other translations.


Step 1: Click "Clone or download"

Step 2: Open your AION_KR/l10n/kor/data/ folder.
Step 3: Delete the ui and Strings folder only if they exist.
Step 4: Open the downloaded file.
Step 5: Open the main folder until you see multiple folders (ui/strings). Drag and drop that into the folder you just opened.
Step 6: Reopen Aion if you haven't already.

Help! I Updated But Nothing Happened!

Aion keeps a cache of all language localization files. This file is located inside the Aion_KR/data folder. Once you've accessed the data folder look for a folder called dump. Delete it and you will now have your game recreate its localization cache once you've opened your game again.


No longer being worked on.

If you want to say thank you please contact me via PM/NC Guestbook in Aion KR on the Poeta server, Asmodian side, character name is Boobs (Cleric) or by donating alcohol cashmoney to via PayPal.