A multiplayer 3-D browser-based adventure game with zombies of course
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K'tah! is a browser based, cooperative, class-oriented zombie survival game designed for true team play. Players not only work in synergy with, but also depend upon, one another in order to reach the highest levels of achievement. Unlike most titles in the genre, K'tah!'s gameplay requires players to route, outrun, and outsmart the zombie horde, rather than follow the usual hack, slash, and obliterate paradigm. Player accounts undergo progressive development, enriching class-play with added abilities and features. Few can survive the challenge of K'tah!; are you amongst them?

This project was developed as part of the LMU course CMSI 401. See the associated Prezi.

K'tah is in no way, shape, or form associated with katah (Գաթա). Please do not mistake this game for the Armenian bread.