A Liquid figure tag for Jekyll sites
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Jekyll Figure

Adds a Liquid figure tag to a Jekyll site

Lincoln A. Mullen | lincoln@lincolnmullen.com | http://lincolnmullen.com


Add this line to your Jekyll site's Gemfile:

gem 'jekyll_figure'

And then execute:


In the Jekyll site's _config.yml file, add this line:

gems: [jekyll_figure]

If you have a directory where you keep your figures, add these lines to _config.yml:

  dir: /figures

If you would like the figures to be enumerated (e.g., "Figure 1," "Figure 2") then add this value to _config.yml:

  enumerate: true

If you would like to add Google Analytics event tracking to the figure links, then add this value to _config.yml (you must have Google Analytics on your site, obviously):

  analytics: true


To add a figure, use the figure tag in this form:

{% figure filename svg,png,pdf 'Your caption here' %}

The first value is the filename, which should be shared across every format of the figure. The second value is a comma-separated list of extensions for the filename. The third value is a quoted caption. The tag will produce an img tag for the first file format in the list of extensions. It will include a caption with links to all the figure formats. If the figures directory is set in _config.yml, then the image and the links will point there.

You can see an example here.


MIT License http://lmullen.mit-license.org/