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About LoadAvg

LoadAvg is a powerful and free way to manage load, memory and resource usage on linux servers, cloud computers and virtual machines.

How To Install The LoadAvg App

You will need to install LoadAvg in a location where you can access it directly over your web browser. There are three ways to do this, one is inside your webroot, the other is as a subdomain and you can also use a Apache hardcoded link.


This application requires a web server to be installed (currently tested on Apache V2.x however lightppd or nginx should work) and PHP 5.0 or greater to be installed and accessable via your web server.


  • Clone loadavg on your server, in the loaction you wish to access it # git clone

  • Enter the loadavg source folder # cd loadavg

  • Run the configure script # sudo ./configure

  • Navigate to the location of the installation in your web browser

  • Complete the online installation

  • Delete the install script for security

  • Add the logger entry to your crontab


  • Navigate to the location of the installation in your web browser

Extra Info

This application is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE for more details.

Your feedback is appreciated, for help and assistance or to get involved please visit our forums.