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This project is a khaos template for building an AWS lambda service that acts as a slack slash commands processor. It uses the Serverless framework for easier deployment to AWS.


From the custom integrations page in slack, add a "Slash Commands" integration and retreive the slack verification token.

Install khaos

$ npm install -g khaos

Install the template to your local machine

$ khaos install localytics/serverless-slackbot-scaffold slackbot

Run the templating engine

$ khaos create slackbot <project-name>

Enter the slack token and hit enter. A new directory will be created that will contain your templated slackbot. If you prefer to have different stages and regions configured for your slackbot, you can modify those settings in serverless.yml. See the Serverless docs for more information.


Refer to the templated README file within the new project directory for configuration, deployment, and testing instructions.


For testing the template itself, run bin/test. Note for test speed, the dependencies are then cached for all subsequent runs in cache.tar.