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Bidimensional matrix factorization
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Bidimensional matrix factorization

R code to perform factorization and dimension reduction of bidimensionally linked data matrices [1]. The file BIDIFAC.R gives functions to perform the BIDIFAC factorization, simulate data, and perform missing value imputation using BIDIFAC. See BIDIFAC_example.R for example usage. Written by Jun Young Park.

[1] J Park and EF Lock. Integrative Factorization of Bidimensionally Linked Matrices. Biometrics, 2019. (article link) arXiv preprint: 1906.03722.

The functions,, and perform the BIDIFAC+ method, described in [2].

[2] EF Lock, J Park and KA Hoadley. Bidimensional linked matrix factorization for pan-omics pan-cancer analysis. 2020. (link to preprint)

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